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TDV Week in Review May 5th, 2013

by Gary Gibson, Dollar Vigilante:

You may recall that your weary editor finally gave in and just started getting jiggy with the lefty statist women who tend to throw themselves at him and his African face. I figure that as long as we can agree on raising any offspring without violence and without religion, then that’s good enough for the purpose of mating and I don’t need to wait for one of the five available anarcho-capitalist women on the planet to come my way. Even if a woman supports state theft and violence against me personally for acting on my beliefs (i.e. not paying taxes), I have to give her a shot unless I want to be celibate. But therein lies another danger…

My latest intimate statist copout invited me to meet her at an after party with some of her friends. I’m allergic to crowds, particularly the sort that you find downtown on a Friday night, but I agreed to come out. The two friends she especially wanted me to meet were an engaged lesbian couple. The party was in a private back room and our foursome –one lesbian couple, one interracial– huddled around a table and looking for all the world like someone was trying to make a politically correct point about diversity.

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