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Syria: Media War of Words

from breakingtheset:

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2 comments to Syria: Media War of Words

  • Eric

    Syria? Is that a new reality show? Most Americans couldn’t find Syria on a map, but at least they have the entire mcdonalds menu memorized. Everywhere I go, everyone I talk to (including family members), there is no life left in any of these bodies that walk among us. They are complete robots and zombies! No I don’t want a Lowes credit card. I told you this 50 times. No I don’t care about how the weather 2000 miles away from me is 5 degrees cooler than the last time I talked to you. Did you know Israel attacked Damascus? Then they look at me like I’m purple. Have no idea of anything of importance. Americans sold their souls to become cyborgs. Better max out your credit card to get some google glasses. Stick your arm in the meat grinder while you’re at it too.

    • Upstart


      I Know exactly where you are coming from. Just the other day I tried to tell a family member about the real situation in Syria, not the BS fed as ‘news’ on TV. Well, anyone would have thought I had just told told them for the first time that neither Santa Claus, nor the Tooth Fairy, are real – such was the childish tirade of vitriol I recieved for my trouble.

      That followed on from an attempt to explain the difference between currency and money, some basic geopolitics, and a warning that their pension would likely not pay out in the coming years, from which I was called a ‘conspiracy theorist’ (the default responce to a truth teller by a zombie it would seem).

      Needless to say, I dont bother even talking about the weather to that family member any more. They are too far gone for me to ever be able to reach. At least I can say I did try.

      (I have actually given up trying to warn people, period. I have warned everyone I know at least twice, done my best to present them with only facts and not oppinion, and have been personally insulted for my troubles on each occasion. Time to concentrate on saving myself and my immediate family from what is coming. The rest can fight with the other zombies when the time comes).

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