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Slow Cooking Frogs

It seems like the more I read about government monitoring and surveillance, the more I see this slow, metastasizing trespass into our personal liberties.

by Kelly Diamond, Global Wealth Protection:

Be aware of the state’s “intent to creep”: it’s turning the heat up under a slow cooking pot of frogs.

I live in a duplex and the property lots are not divided up with fencing. There is record of where the property lines are, and for the most part, people respect them. But, my landlord was telling me the other day that the next door neighbors have been planting shrubs and bulbs that are just a few inches into her property. One year it was a bush, and the next it was annuals, and the next it was bulbs… always just pushing the boundaries by an inch or so.

She didn’t protest the first time because it seemed petty and it was a nice plant. Then the landlord moved out, and wasn’t there to see the subsequent encroachments. Because she never protested, she allowed a certain squatters rights precedent to set in. It’s similar to the cooking frog analogy: if you put a frog in hot water, it will jump out; but if you put a frog in cool water and turn up the heat slowly, it will allow itself to be cooked.

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