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Silver To Soar A Stunning 400% & Gold $1,500 In 10 Months

from KingWorldNews:

Here is what 56-year market veteran Ron Rosen had to say: “The HUI and gold have have had three major buying opportunities since the bull market started roughly 12 years ago. Each one has led to huge profits and we are now at the fourth bottom which will produce the greatest amount of profits since the bull market began.

So we’ve hit the bottom and now we are headed higher, and there is no limit as to how high gold and silver can go from here. Looking back, this will be seen as the greatest opportunity of all if someone has the guts to get in the market now….

“KWN readers have to understand that you only see these types of opportunities every three years or so and they don’t last long. This is the fourth opportunity over a 13-year period, and it’s been like clockwork. Gold and the gold complex have had the purist bull market of any complex I’ve ever seen in my 56 years in this business.

Ron Rosen continues @

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2 comments to Silver To Soar A Stunning 400% & Gold $1,500 In 10 Months


    I read the heading & I was excited, then I read further & saw King World News.

  • Slvrizgold

    KWN. LOL. I thought the same thing. It would be nice if we were back in the good ol’ days when King World News actually made calls that weren’t the opposite of what actually happens.

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