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Silver SOLD OUT at Ainslie Bullion in Australia?!

from fullspectrumdominanc:

Precious metals are drying up globally as we head towards the next global financial collapse I made this video to make light of the issue and encourage people to invest now while there is still a chance to get your hands on physical metals at rock bottom prices!!

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4 comments to Silver SOLD OUT at Ainslie Bullion in Australia?!

  • Bullant

    Hi all, I spoke to Brian from Ainslie yesterday, I treat Brian not only as a great person I deal with to buy my bullion, but also as a friend. He told me personally yesterday that they have to buy there silver in from global suppliers at present. Now this is unbelievable seeing as we have our very own Perth Mint etc. To bad we dont see it in the real price

    • Daniel

      I too have had dealings with Brian. Very nice gentleman and always reliable with any ordered deliveries. The last time i checked (about a week ago) the Perth Mint was sold out too, but are taking orders. Back in 2009, they used the excuse that their manufacturer was unable to produce any faster, but were buying a new machine to meet the high demand. I believe that machine is up and running now, and they’ve still run dry. Demand MUST be through the roof.

    • Daniel

      I just called the Perth Mint and they have plenty of Ag stock at the moment. 10oz and 100oz Ag bars, and Ag 0.5oz, 1oz, 10oz and kg coins.

  • graham

    Be aware this company will shortly be the subject of a complaint ta ASIC as to retention of their records in a delivery dispute of precious metals.

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