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Silver Price Could Reclaim $30/Oz Title in 2013

from KitcoNews:

Despite recent downtrends, silver prices could rebound to $30/oz this year according to Neil Meader, Thomson Reuters GFMS Head of Precious Metals Research.

Kitco News’ Daniela Cambone spoke with him about the current fundamentals of silver such as mine supply and demand, fundamentals which Meader believes could be quite supportive of higher silver prices. Despite a minor slump in 2012, Meader states that silver industrial usage could hit a three-year high in 2013, which would undoubtedly be a strong support for demand-side fundamentals. Meader also expands on GFMS’ silver forecast and discusses the surging silver bullion sales, which thus far have outpaced 2012 sales by a considerable amount.

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8 comments to Silver Price Could Reclaim $30/Oz Title in 2013

  • Frank Zak

    Daniela Cambone is the best. Kitco
    is the most honest silver dealer on the net,
    giving both sides of story, up, or down.

    People are so sick of rediculous silver hype
    even King World news reported on negative
    chart fundamentals for gold.

    I now consider silver dealers the worst con
    artists I have ever seen. Completely
    sociopathic. The ones that report on
    the net anyway.

    • NaySayer

      Yet I am sure you think we should all run out and buy real estate??? YOu have posted many times that you are a real estate agent/broker and you are always pushing real estate on people as something that will go to the moon, just like some silver pundits claim will happen with silver.

      Silver dealers are just people who understand what is really going on and becaus they believe it they want to do some work in the field that they feel the most passionate about. Why is that bad??

      I would far rather be in silver than in real estate when the re-ignated real estate bubble bursts again, which it will as soon as either the shadow inventory of foreclosed homes hits the market or when the fed stops printing trillions in worthless paper.

      • Glitter 1

        Yup,it was the charlatan real estate agents acting in concert with the criminal lending institutions,pushing/setting up Liar Loans for individuals that didn’t have the income to sustain payments, which was at the core of the Toxic Debt that still pollutes the World Banking System.”You need to get into this house as soon as possible to build/take out equity”.”You need to get in ASAP before you get left behind”.The Fed is doing it again, pushing cheap money at those that don’t have the sustained income,trying to re-inflate another housing bubble.When the crash comes, these latest suckers will be the new “under water” short sellers.
        I know that poeple need shelter, but once again the Feds/Obama are pushing banks to extend credit to people who can not afford it and getting the Tax Payers to back-stop/absorb the risk.

        • Johnny

          “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

          But in this case, the only insane ones are the sheeple who fall for the scam all over again. The agents and lending institutions know damn well where this will end up, thus their rabid and obvious attack on TRUE tangible assets like gold and silver.

          You think maybe they feel just a wee bit threatened?

      • Frank Zak

        It should be mentioned I was one of the major
        bloggers on the internet getting people out
        of real estate 5 months before it collasped . I called
        the real estate bottom on SGT in Jan 2012. I also called the gold top
        the day before it topped and said then it would drop
        to $1525.

        That’s the facts.

      • Frank Zak

        Omission is the key word in fraud. Silver is
        overproduced 207 million oz a year even after
        all coinage demand.

        When have the silver dealers ever told you this.

        Of course they know it.

        Gold is the reality, the silver dealers know this,
        but they can’t make any money on gold.

    • lastmanstanding

      learn how to spell…ridiculous.

      go purchase some more la re…talk about something with absolutely no value.

  • chris

    naysayer, i think you are missing an L

    the nay slayer…

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