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Silver hangs on to investor appeal but “outlook dims”

[Ed. note: Dry powder anyone? Looks like the cartel is about to take silver down another leg. $22 again? $20?]

Societe Generale analyst Robin Bhar says the metal remains plagued by oversupply and the longer-term bear market in gold will take prices lower.

by Clara Denina,

Silver prices swung wildly in the wake of extreme losses seen in gold last month, but while investors fled bullion-backed funds in droves, holdings in the less glamorous precious metal are remarkably robust, for now.

Silver carries the precious and industrial metal tag due to uses in jewellery and manufacturing, but its fundamental picture is far from rosy.

The global market is in oversupply to the tune of some 4,000 tonnes in 2013, while industrial demand – accounting for some 50 percent of total usage – has been clipped by a slowing solar panel sector, where high profile names such as China’s Suntech Power Holdings have fallen on hard times.

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1 comment to Silver hangs on to investor appeal but “outlook dims”

  • Ha! Blatant lies in the latest “analysis” coming from the mainstream press. 4,000 tonne silver oversupply?! In what universe do these shills live? I know exactly where this farce came from …Jeffrey Christian started spouting off about this a few years back and said that “investment demand” in silver was off taking the oversupply. Yep, investment demand has been reclassified now as oversupply in silver…and only silver!

    So there lies the fraud. Calling “investment demand” in silver “oversupply” would mean that gold’s annual 2,500 tonne mining production is all “over supply”!

    These criminal should go to jail.

    Buy your physical at these insane values…it may be your last chance.

    Bix Weir


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