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Silver DRAMA… Short Squeeze, Or More?

The drama in the Silver (& Gold) market continues…

Sure looks like someone is sending the Cartel a strongly worded message today.

SILVER: The Achilles’ Heel

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20 comments to Silver DRAMA… Short Squeeze, Or More?

  • Glitter 1

    For all of the Amatuers, this is what a short squeeze looks like!Looks like BrotherJohnF called it last night.

    • Glitter 1

      A definate dramatic turnaround today and could portend to the bottom we’ve been looking/waiting for,but a one day wonder rally does not necessarily make for a sustained market reversal.However,every thing has to have a starting point,perhaps we’ve just witnessed one in Gold and Silver,all of the right metrics support it.

      • Ed_B

        Agreed. But we all know that when a great beast is mortally wounded but still alive it will kick, scratch, bite, and flail around using the last of its power before death takes it. Witness the death throes and remember that this is what happens as death approaches. Not at all unexpected. Got phyzz?

  • Jeff

    Picked up 500oz last night when spot was 21.21. Apmex had buffalo rounds for 1.69 over spot. Feel like the smartest guy in the world today for BTFD.

  • Johnny

    It’s still the rigged paper market, regardless of how good the spike appears. I’m off this emotional roller coaster, and buy regardless of the ups and downs.

    If I buy on a low, all the better, but I won’t celebrate until there’s a divergence between paper and physical, and the spike actually means something.

    • Steve_D

      They steal your sustenance every day for over two years, then expect you to come over all giddy when they throw a few measly crumbs your way.

    • stackers

      Exactly. Just keep stacking. The divergence will really happen when 40% of global silver supply runs out in 8-10 years as Mexico and China deplete their reserves

      • Glitter 1

        You are correct, silver is a diminishing critical resource and in 8-10 years it may not even be available for purchase. Palladium was ~$23 oz in early 1970’s,now it’s >$725oz.Silver is more valuble than Palladium and will become more so.Hey you 30-40 somethings,stacking today and tomorrow will make you wealthy with silver.

  • Jasem

    We are living in a totally different world from the past centuries. Our perception for the future can’t be inferred from the past history as the dynamics of the global order has changed. Our ancestors used to predict wars when tensions rise between nations and wars they get. Wars were necessary then to settle differences and to cure human pathologies. Wars couldnt be avoided as the odds of winning a war is equal for each country involved. Today, however, Real wars are replaced with financial and economic warfares to settle differences. USA has dominated the world financially without having to wage continous wars as Great Britain or ancient empires had to do. Today, Merkel was able to achieve what Hitler couldn’t achieve. She ruled Europe without even having to deploy a single soldier. It is totally a different world we are living in. Therefore, we can’t assume that the cure to our today’s sins and pathologies will be similar to what our ancestors have seen. In other words, be prepared to face an evolution of black swan events that our minds will escape understanding.  In today’s global weave of capitalism, conflicts are avoided. if your enemy perishes, you perish with him. The creditor becomes a slave to the debtor. This explains why Germany continues to bailout Greece and Cyprus. This explains why the G20 allows Japan to devalue their currency aggressively and the list goes on. This is as if the wolf is becoming the shepherd and is herding the sheep. Where is that mutant black swan going to be conjured up? How ugly is that black swan? This will even elude the most wise men.  For how long this deception in gold price will continue? For as long as the wolf will continue to herd the sheep.

    • Alex

      I somewhat agree with your perspective. However, I do take into consideration, the fact that NO ONE wants it to collapse, yet, but they know that it will. Maybe a controlled decline would be in order. It is rather unfair that US citizens have 6 times the purchasing power than most countries B U T…most wouldnt know it and/or cant take advantage of it. There in lies the rub.

  • Slvrizgold

    You know, the statement that PMs are moving from weak hands to strong hands couldn’t be more true. Surely any holders who have made it this far probably have a grip with the strength of Andre the Giant (when he was alive anyway.) I don’t know if PM holders could have asked for anything more today. The price of gold fell to retest the April low while US investors were locked out of markets, then we pop $50-60 and appear to be sealing the double bottom with gold putting in a $25 higher low ($1320 vs. $1345) And silver also making an island style reversal. And the mine indexes popping 5% (or more in some cases.)

    CNBC and MSM have proclaimed GOLD BULL IS OVER. The dumb specs are selling longs and adding shorts, while the commercials buy and cover shorts at the low prices. Who would have ever dreamed… (sarc)

  • Troy

    The elite are probably buying silver, and trying to knock the price as low as possible. Just the same is if I were buying land…I would want to buy it as cheap as possible. Dollar price is just a tool to acquire tangible assets.

    • freet0pian

      Must be the broke elite because the world produced only some 18 billion worth of silver last year of which below 6 billion was in investable form.

      What’s that? About two days of QEeternity? So no, gold is what they’re after.

  • mouse

    i only care about the all time high. there is nothing to report unless silver is $50 and gold $1900. we are far away from these targets. should the market turn upwards, there will be some heavy resistance underway, because imagine how duped stackers will sell into the hands of banksters on the way up.

    • NaySayer

      $50 silver and $1900 gold doesn’t mean anything without taking into consideration the inflation involved. $50 silver based on which year’s purchasing power? 1980 or 2011? Because $50 silver in 1980 would have to be priced at about $150 to have the same purchasing power.

      When markets are rigged this harshly and inflation is balooning everywhere, you can’t say what “prices” in fiat dollars mean. Silver in this context isn’t an investment to me. It is a life-raft that I can cling to while most drown in the coming economic crisis.

  • freedumbs'ear

    Classic.Run all the stops to $20,and once you got all the longs out, reverse course and run it hard to the upside.All this to keep the illusion of the value of something that is worthless(the dollar).We all know that since the banksters have an unlimited printing press the real price of pm’s is zero.At least until the illusion of value of a dollar vanishes.I think the imaginary price is going to go up big time from here.There seems to be too much buying going on at these levels and the illusion is starting to look transparent to a whole lot of people now.Peace

  • anthony

    CASH is KING right now. There is a good chance silver could go in the $17-19 range. If you guys take a look at the buying prices for Silver Maples on Providentmetals, they are only paying you $1.20 over spot price. It has been the same since the price of silver was in the mid-high 20’s. The same goes for the Silver Eagles, they are only paying you $1.60 over spot. If they were truly out of stock or low on inventory, then they would be paying you MORE, in order to accumulate. I would wait a little longer before I back up the truck.

    RAWDOG, makes a good point in this video, he has saved my ass so far, even though I hated him in the beginning. He has been right all along.

    Watch the video, he does make a very good point.

    • Glitter 1

      It’s not about supply and demand of the metals and never has been since 2001.It’s about inflation.If the metals were allowed to trade unmolested the price would reflect it.Either way they will continue to respond towards inflation as they have always done,otherwise Gold would still be $35oz and Silver $1oz.

  • andrew james

    The price discovery mechanism of the market is short circuited. We’re getting false readings in the low 20’s for Silver. This thing will go kablooey. Just you wait.

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