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Silver Coin Collectors and Pawn Shops are Getting Duped: “Very High Quality Fakes”

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

With rising precious metals prices comes the age-old scam of counterfeits.

Fake gold coins and bars,  many originating from China, have been discovered at dealers all over the world, including some high profile banks. Some analysts have even suspected that central banks, which hold thousands of tons of gold, may have fallen prey to the scam.

With silver having recently achieved all times highs and currently trading at around $25 per ounce, counterfeiters see a potential boon for their bottom lines. Counterfeiting silver isn’t new, and numerous fake 100 ounce silver bars and U.S. Morgan dollars have been discovered to date. But now the scammers have turned their sights on the official one ounce bullion coin of the United States – the American Silver Eagle. In April, the US Mint sold in excess of four million silver eagles, highlighting the surging popularity of the coin.

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7 comments to Silver Coin Collectors and Pawn Shops are Getting Duped: “Very High Quality Fakes”

  • B.M.

    Something to consider. Could this yet be another ploy by the bankster gangsters to keep the average Joe afraid to invest their money in precious metals?

    • WALDO

      Yes it is BM they are getting desperate.

      • Dee

        Agreed. Also, notice in the latest video of the Hamilton police…he conveniently has all of those coins laid out on the table, but does he once show us how or why they have come to the conclusion that they are fakes? I could lay out several coins under a camera and tell you that they are fakes too. Not that hard. Are they just coat-tailing the Maloney video here?

  • Frank Zak

    China is dumping large numbers of 20th century fake coins
    on the market. They are so good, tests show only
    50% of experts can spot them.
    You must buy PCGS or NGC or ANACS certified coins

  • Silver Bullet

    Who’s to say the fake silver coins aren’t coming from the mint itself. just sayin.

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