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Russia, Greece, Turkey, Other Central Banks Buy Gold; China’s PBOC Buying?

from Gold Core:

Russia, Greece, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan expanded their gold reserves for a seventh straight month in April, buying bullion to diversify foreign exchange reserves due to concerns about the dollar and the euro.

Russia’s steady increase in its gold reserves saw its holdings, the seventh-largest by country, climb another 8.4 metric tons to 990 tons, taking gains this year to 3.4% after expanding by 8.5% in 2012, International Monetary Fund data show.

Kazakhstan’s reserves grew 2.6 tons to 125.5 tons, taking the increase to 8.9% this year after a 41% expansion in 2012, data on the website showed.

Turkey’s holdings rose 18.2 tons to 427.1 tons in April, increasing for a 10th month as it accepted gold in its reserve requirements from commercial banks.

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1 comment to Russia, Greece, Turkey, Other Central Banks Buy Gold; China’s PBOC Buying?

  • mac

    MSM – CNBC, Bloomberg and CBC TV and most others are bought psy-ops networks. They have been bought by the elite and they are raping you of your mental capacities and taking your money, too!

    Get it? I think not, not in these times of lauded cruelty, cycnical attitudes towards there even being “truth” at all and political correctness, where feelings trump truth.

    You have heard of people being “dumbed down”, but take a look in the mirror to see what it may look like!

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