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Rumour that the Fed will taper QE forces gold and silver down in the access market

by Harvey Organ,

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen:

Gold closed down $5.10 to $1468.80 (comex closing time). Silver fell by only 1 cents to $23.88 (comex closing time)

In the access market at 8 pm gold and silver are the following :

gold: $1456.30.
silver: $23.67

The reason for the whack is the rumour that the Fed will taper QE. When will journalists write the truth that it is impossible for the USA to stop QE as there will be nobody on the planet ready to buy any of their bonds. This is nothing but crap!! (Dave Kranzler comments on this below)

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3 comments to Rumour that the Fed will taper QE forces gold and silver down in the access market

  • Tiburonsmoke

    “Yes we will!” “No we won’t!” “Yes we will!” “No we won’t!” “We will AND we won’t!” “We will!” “We won’t!”

    The only creatures that could still be fooled by that mindf*ck are sheep.

    Or bots.


    My experience & hopefully wisdom has taught me not to watch the metals prices, nor follow any expert, Doing so has a negative psychological effect & that is what the cabal wants.

    Know that you possess sovereign wealth which is generational & that is what the cabal does not want. That being said exchange your labor by continuing to stack & sleep well.

    PS- Cabal derivation Cabbalah…..Hmmmmmm The rabbit hole is deep indeed!

  • Eric

    Ba hahahaha. Yea sure they will. Taper QE. That’d funny. Just like a heroin addict quits cold turkey. Time to build up more powder for the smack down.

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