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Reality-Check Time

How prepared are you for the future (really)?

by Adam Taggart, Peak Prosperity:

Let’s take a quick break from detailed analysis for a moment and zoom up to the birds-eye view.

What motivates us to spend time here at

  1. We all come to this site because we’re concerned about the future. We realize that there are growing predicaments, caused both by human behavior and natural constraints, and we want to reduce our vulnerability to them.
  2. Also, we believe that in courageously facing these challenges head-on, we (as individuals and as a society) can create a quality of living superior to what we enjoy today realizing that such transition will require brutal honesty with ourselves, acceptance of a lot of change, and a heaping amount of hard work.

Both of these are worth addressing.

The Future: The next 20 years are going to look very different from the last 20. No doubt about it.

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