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Rasmussen Poll: Nullification Goes Mainstream

by Ben Lewis,

Day after day, the media pounds out a relentless drumbeat against nullification.

Pundits, commentators and so-called legal experts demonize it as unconstitutional, villainize it as racist and trivialize it with slurs like “wacky” and “kookie.”

But while the political class continues to arrogantly ridicule Madison and Jefferson’s principles, everyday Americans embrace them in increasing numbers.

A Rasmussen poll released Monday indicates that nullification is growing more and more popular in mainstream America.   Pollsters found 38  percent support states taking actions to “block” federal acts that restrict the right to keep and bear arms.  Less than half (45 percent) oppose blocking these unconstitutional federal acts.

Even more revealing: more people than not approve of nullification in general.

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1 comment to Rasmussen Poll: Nullification Goes Mainstream

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    If you believe in Kingly top-down powers over Republican bottom-up powers then go and live in King John’s 13th century England.

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