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Rand Paul On IRS Scandal: “Someone Needs To Go To Jail”

Outraged” Obama has “transferred people around in the State Department… nobody lost their job”

by Steve Watson, Infowars:

Senator Rand Paul says that appropriate punishments need to be handed out to officials involved in the IRS’ unfair treatment of Tea Party groups and conservative “patriot” groups applying for tax exemption.

“Someone needs to be fired,” Paul said on Fox News’s Neil Cavuto Tuesday. “And it seems to be impossible to fire a government employee. Still no one has been fired over Benghazi. They were transferred. We called them up today. They still all have phone numbers and offices. That’s the problem.”

“People want government to be responsive. And if someone uses and abuses the power of government, they want that person kicked out of office.” Paul asserted.

Paul also stated that should a proper investigation find criminal activity at the heart of the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups, then “someone needs to go to jail.”

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4 comments to Rand Paul On IRS Scandal: “Someone Needs To Go To Jail”

  • akxx

    The Tea Party groups are 401(c),which means they don’t have report anything to IRS.It wouldn’t matter if they apply for tax exempt status or not.I don’t get,why there is so much fuss about it?

    • Nate

      To get tax exempt status you have to apply for it, those applications by tea party groups were targeted for more scrutiny than those with progressive leanings. Thus it treated the applications with prejudice according to their political leanings.

  • Brian

    I wouldn’t trust Rand Paul whatsoever…

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