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Premiere of “Jekyll Island” Secret Origins – Bill Still

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    I hope this movie will educate the public on the FED more than anything! Below is an email I sent out to all on my list. Thought I would share with you all.

    To all who get this email’
    Most of you know my passion for trying to save this countries Freedom and Liberty, to the point that I have changed my political affiliation from Republican to Libertarian. I have come to the conclusion that 99% of the general public really does not know the root of this nation problem and that is the Federal Reserve System! It is THE BEAST, THE DEVIL!!! Most of you know that too, probably very few on my email list don’t, but WE THE PEOPLE have got to educate are friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers what the FED really is. The main reason I’m writing this is because today, I wore my black t-shirt with the large bold letters END THE FED, and walked all through COSTCO in Boca Raton, with only 2 COSTCO employees asking me. ‘What’s end the fed, and one asked “what’s end the feed?” Both totally oblivious to END THE FED.! When I explained to them in a fast explanation, they just looked at like, Oh Well….and kind of like they didn’t believe me, because it sounded to bazaar and shrugged it off.
    Even walking thru out the store for an hour, not even a thumbs up or positive nod or smile or wink, not even a negative commie Obama loving remark or finger. Mind you, this is Boca Raton and this COSTCO is located in the heart of wealth and I would think, educated people. I shook my head while leaving with a real upsetting feeling in my head, gut and heart. OMG, were all screwed!
    Anyhow, for the ones who are reading this, thanks for letting me vent on this Memorial Day eve, hope some of you share my frustration and will pass along and share the attached link by G. Edward Griffins, “ Creature from Jekyell Island” that explains the FED from soup to nuts.
    Hope you all have a safe and reflective Memorial Day and we have another on to celebrate next year, before all Hell breaks loose!

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