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Paramilitary Police in America: How Did It Happen?

by Fred DeRuvo, Freedom Outpost:

It is clear that things have changed in America and much of it is due to two wars: the War on Drugs and the War on Terror. These ongoing conflicts have brought about major changes in the way law enforcement does business with Americans every day.

Because of the so-called war on drugs, SWAT teams began springing up across the land, tactically armed and ready to do whatever became necessary to overcome the drug problem that this country faces. The fight against terrorism has also been added to the picture and because of it, the same SWAT teams can be seen herding people out of their homes (without warrants), searching them (illegally), and then the homes they just vacated (also illegally), as was done recently in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing. Amazingly, nearly 90% of people polled believed that the police did a great job. This of course, is in spite of the use of force and restriction of rights.

Even today – May 21, 2013 – with Tea Party protests against the IRS occurring throughout America, DHS Police have been stationed at IRS facilities as a means of protecting those facilities and employees. This is in spite of the fact that there has not been a case of Tea Party-related violence with any person officially connected to the Tea Party movement, unlike the Occupy Movement.

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1 comment to Paramilitary Police in America: How Did It Happen?

  • NaySayer

    Government exists to perpetuate itself in the end. These people see job security in insuring that there is mission creep. They keep expanding their field of operations and getting bigger budgets.

    They need to be stopped. There needs to be universal legalization of small amounts of EVERY DRUG. It is ludicrous that alcohol is legal because it is the drug of choice of the old rich farts and that other drugs which is some cases are less harmful such as pot and even those which are very harmful such as meth should be illegal in small amounts.

    I say this as someone who was hit by a drunk and stoned bitch who was also on prescription muscle relaxants and driving a car in the rain with her lights out. But just because that stupid hippy chick couldn’t seem to understand she shouldn’t get behind the wheel of a car, doesn’t mean that I am against decriminalization of small amounts of drugs to people who will use them in a non-harmful to others manner.

    The “War against drugs” is a joke. They are losing the tax bill is getting higher and higher.

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