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Palin Rallies 2nd Amendment Defenders: Never Give Up in Face of MSM Ridicule

by Tony Lee, Breitbart:

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin told attendees at the National Rifle Convention on Friday that those who fight to preserve America’s freedoms, the Second Amendment, while being ridiculed by the mainstream media and the Washington establishment keeps her optimistic and makes it easier for her to reload and never retreat.

“The Washington establishment sneers at you and you don’t give up,” Palin said. “The lamestream media just plain doesn’t get you and you don’t give you up, and you don’t retreat.”

Once again, Palin showed why her message not only resonates, but why she is such an effective messenger in an age when the media is fragmented.

Successful politicians are the ones who drive beat writers who cover them crazy by repeating the same lines at every event. George W. Bush, who won two terms as president, was famous for doing that. But in this age, when people do not actually have to go to campaign events or turn on the evening news to hear a politician speak, successful candidates have to not only have a consistent message.

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1 comment to Palin Rallies 2nd Amendment Defenders: Never Give Up in Face of MSM Ridicule

  • V

    Just out of curiosity, who listens to the MSM any more? People who shouldn’t own guns anyway. Let the FED’s take the first shot. Patriots will finish it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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