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Offshore Re-Education Camp: Lesson 2

by Paul Seymour, Global Wealth Protection:

Before we get to this week’s current events, I’d like to share a couple of anecdotes. First, last Monday was a holiday here. Day after Mother’s day. Although I put in a fairly long morning on behalf of clients, it was a beautiful day, so I headed into town to kill some time in the afternoon. Often that means a few pints of locally brewed Chapinero Porter. I found myself on an outdoor patio which was occupied completely by English-speaking types, which was both unusual and interesting. Anyway, I finally made eye contact with a table of 3 obvious United Statians, and was invited over. The normal gringo question is “what do you do?” which is what I was hit with immediately, to which I replied I work in the offshore industry. I had pegged these three, as NGO, self-proclaimed do-gooders. Here to selflessly “help” others, by sticking their noses in where it doesn’t belong. Usually in activities which are so politically motivated, that calling them non-governmental is a joke.

When I told them that I worked in the offshore industry, I got an immediate, snide, knowing look amongst the three, while the apparent ring-leader said with a knowing smile, “You mean tax evasion, don’t you?” Well, some of you may have gleaned from previous writings that I have somewhat passionate convictions about the US Constitution, the American patriots who made it possible, as well as the sheeple who have fluttered it away.

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