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Obama Expands Militarization of Police

from TheRealNews:

Among items transfered to local law enforcement agencies have been assault rifles and grenade launchers, even Blackhawk helicopters and .50 caliber machine guns ; In fiscal year 2011 alone, the Pentagon transferred almost $500 million worth of materials to domestic law enforcement — near double the previous year’s total

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2 comments to Obama Expands Militarization of Police

  • Johnny

    Yes, indeed, they’re gearing up for something HUGE, more than likely for a period that is expected to last quite a long time.

    If I had to make an educated guess, I would say it has much to do with an inevitable economic crisis and its aftermath, likely combined (and preceded by) terror attacks (real AND false flag), and perhaps even WW3.

    I’m afraid it’s not to play patty cake, as much as the sheeple would like to believe so.


    Deep down we know it is not MK Ultraed Obama but the Jews & for all the good Jews who post on SGT, Time to step up up & expose the Talmudic Cabalistic agenda of your leaders aka pharisees. I Beg of you to follow the path of righteousness by men such as Benjamin Freedman, Jack Bernstein & others.

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