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Nigel Farage and His UKIP Party Win Big in Britain Once More

by Anthony Wile, The Daily Bell:

Big news.

Drudge is featuring the news prominently – and it is certainly noteworthy. It looks like British voters are going to have a choice once more. Bully for them.

Picking between Labour and the Tories over the past decades (post-Thatcher) has probably been a painful process for British voters, as it has not been clear what the Tories actually stand for.

One could hold one’s nose and vote, and apparently many did just that. As a result, today, the Tories rule with aid of the Left.

It’s a little bit as if US Republicans kept hold on power with an assist from the US Socialist Party. It makes no sense, but then again, British voters are used to their politics not making much sense.

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