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National Popular Vote: Goodbye, Sweet America

by Publius Huldah, Freedom Outpost:

Our Constitution is under constant attack.1 One of the most pernicious attacks is being waged by those who seek to override the constitutional provisions under which The States, as political entities, elect the President; and to replace it with a national popular vote (NPV) under which inhabitants of major metropolitan areas will choose the President.

What Form of Government Did We Create In Our Constitution?

Before you can see why it is so important that The States elect the President, and why the NPV is so execrable, you must understand how our “federal” government was structured and intended to operate. “Federal” actually referred to the form of the national government created in our Constitution, and to the division of powers between the national government and The States.

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1 comment to National Popular Vote: Goodbye, Sweet America

  • Karma Respect

    Most of us hold the view that the family is the basis of society.

    The VICE president, NWO and the masonic order thinks that breakdown of society along jewish thinking and influence is preferable. Next on his agenda will be marriage between circumsised dogs, or loving mother and daughter or a grandfather and grandson who have both outed as GAY to liberate our society from the perverse old fashioned values of thousands of years:

    ABC newsBy JOSH LEDERMAN Associated Press
    WASHINGTON May 22, 2013 (AP)
    Vice President Joe Biden is praising Jewish leaders for helping change American attitudes about gay marriage and other issues.

    Biden says culture and arts change people’s attitudes. He cites social media and the old NBC TV series “Will and Grace” as examples of what helped changed attitudes on gay marriage.

    Biden says, quote, “Think — behind of all that, I bet you 85 percent of those changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media, are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry.”

    Biden says the influence is immense and that those changes have been for the good.

    Biden was speaking Tuesday night at a Jewish American Heritage Month reception hosted by the Democratic National Committee. He says Jewish values are an essential part of who Americans are.

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