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MSNBC Claims Birther Bombshell: Natural-Born Citizen Issue Not Settled

from BirtherReportDotCom:

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4 comments to MSNBC Claims Birther Bombshell: Natural-Born Citizen Issue Not Settled

  • Eric

    Looks like the high school student council press team got together to yap about how awesome they can pretend to be.

  • NaySayer

    Again, If someone is born to an american mother, and she was born in america then I don’t care where Cruz was born, he is an american. Just like in my opinion Obama is an american citizen. However, they have not said that cruz has a fake social security number while Obama’s stinks to high heaven.

  • Krow!

    I just could not swallow listening all the way thru this lamestream media bull crap. Its early morning, and I feel like my oatmeal is going to come up. Sick, stupid idiots spilling out propaganda.

    Kaaaaaaa! Kaaaaaaa!, saith the Krow

  • Ed_B

    With MSNBC as the primary provider of complete and utter nonsense in today’s lame stream media, why anyone would waste their time watching the drivel escapes me. I would not watch these idiots if they were running down the street naked and on fire, let alone on the boob tube. The video attached to this article is 5.5 minutes of your life that you will never get back. 😉

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