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May 1st ‘Break Em Day’: The Cartel Strikes, As If To Say, You Will NEVER Beat Us

Well, ya have to give em credit. We all come up with a day to take unified action, to symbolically (and literally) stand up to the criminal Banksters by trying to remove as much physical Silver from the market as possible, and they flood the exchange with more paper, driving the price lower…

To which we say, PERFECT TIMING!

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26 comments to May 1st ‘Break Em Day’: The Cartel Strikes, As If To Say, You Will NEVER Beat Us

  • Keith

    This May 1st idea all smacks a bit of tokenism. The only sensible path is gradual, sensible, discreet accumulation.

  • SilverHawk

    That’s OK. The paper market doesn’t mean a damn thing any more. The Physical market is running the price of an ounce. $30 spot, is what the public is going by. The only thing the COMEX is now, is the rich stealing from the rich. It can go down to $1.00 an ounce, and you’ll still see it average $32 per ASE on eBay. Idiots… Crooks… Just another day closer to the collapse of the dollar.

    • Upstart


      Why people still look at ‘paper’ prices when what they actually want is ‘physical’ metal always gets me. Yes, paper can go down to $1 an ounce – good, that will mark the end of it (and to be honest it will be overpriced even at that level).

      The paper casino ‘traders’ and the physical metal buyers (industrial and investment) are two distinct markets, yet people are still so brainwashed/conditioned/trained to consider all things paper as real that they keep focusing on this trader controlled BS.

      Paper is not, never has been, nor ever will be, metal. It defies all laws of physics, chemistry, and even alchemy to think that paper can ever be turned into metal – yet they are spoken about and compared as if the two are interchangeable or even one and the same. Sit and back and look at at how crazy that is.

      At this stage of the collapse certain pieces of paper can of course be ‘exchanged’ by wise men (and women) for ‘real money’, that is sold by foolish/brainwashed men (and women), who will soon come to sorely regret their foolishness.

      When people really do wake up this paper/physical farce, all this paper-price stuff will appear as bizzare as the many other global financial fads that have propped up over the centuries.

      People who visit sites such as this one should really have moved on from getting all worked up about the paper market. Someone once said, ‘Where attention flows energy goes’. So, on the flipside of that, ‘ignore them and eventually they will go away’.

      Yes, paper can go down to $1 an ounce – good, that will mark the end of it (and to be honest it will be overpriced even at that level). Lindsey Williams warned us that ‘all paper assets will go to the value of the paper they are written on’. In these days of electronic receipts replacing paper, what value will be ascribed to elctrons on a screen or on a hard drive?

      Physical metal is real, tangible wealth. Paper is poverty.

      The sooner the majority of people wake up to this the sooner we can all move on.

      Time for a old favorite Youtube animated video as a reminder that this sort of thing has been going on in various forms for a long time. A must watch……

      • Johnny

        Well said. People need to stop dispersing their energy in the wrong directions. If the rigged price has any relevance, it’s in so far as how much more we could accumulate due to the bargain they create.

        Why is this so difficult for some to comprehend?

  • Dan

    Agreed Keith. We telegraph a move with BUY BIG ON MAY 1, and the Cartel has a F**K YOU moment and crushes the PMs. It’s like showing everyone your hand at the poker table. Either they’ll fold, or, if they have you beat, they’ll just raise the pot. Discreet accumulation is indeed the right way to go. I bought big time when it was in the 22s, like everyone else should have been doing. If it goes back down to that again, I’ll say thank you very much, can I have another.

  • Mike

    I think we all realize that these are Goldman and Silverman prices, not free market Gold and Silver value.

  • Per

    Good to be able to buy at this price,greetings from me to the cartel.

  • Dan

    I wish I could buy more, but I foolishly believed the so called experts bought a lot at a much higher price. Average price is the upper 30s. Yeah I am a fool for believing all this hype. Now I am in way too deep in this mess so my limited funds will not be going further into it. I have to hope for economic collapse to break even. Wonderful.

  • YoMan

    This is really funny these rig downs. Ever since the Cyprus confiscation. I used to have a large JPMChase account. I simply have been systematically moving the funds to my CU and small local banks. And continue to stack au/ag. Losers all losers.

  • Jim

    This is wonderful that they dumped the price…just picked up 200 ounces at 80cents less than yesterday.

  • Pam Plona

    What are you lot banging on about? Of course the “paper price” means something. I too bought both high & low but my average is way above todays market price. So if for any reason I am forced to sell for toilet paper then of course I get screwed. As it happens I believe in the long term collapse scenario but those super bullish imbeciles at Kingworldnews have much to answer for. Constantly talking their books and as bad as some of the #banksters at spouting B/s. One question, if there is no physical left anywhere, then how can all these “massive” purchases be happening that Andy Macguire constantly bangs on about? All these coin shops & bullion shops have reduced their offers because they bought their stock at much higher prices. They do not want to lose fiat by selling the metals at the market price. There is no shortage, just a bottleneck in deliveries. As the the leader article states, when the shtf the masses will pile into greenbacks. Not gold or silver. Then when greenbacks start to fall apart AU & Ag will shine, but you will not want to sell then either as you will be only exchanging for farmland or tangible goods. In the meantime we are fecked with market price for both Au & Ag heading lower imho.

  • Pam Plona

    And by the way for the record. I hope I am dead wrong.

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    The cartel is hastening the end.
    And I think that now would be a good time for Mr Sprott to TRY to get some more physical silver his trust.

  • Abbi

    I am laughing so much! This is too funny! Either it is the cartels, or it is the fools who have finally woken up and realized that their paper is worthless and are selling like crazy. And lets face it, there is a LOT OF WORTHLESS paper out there! hahahahahahahah

  • Andreas

    When the prices are smashed, sure we can get physical cheaper. However, don’t you guys think the cartel are also buying physical? They’r probably buying more real AG than any lot of us. They have all dollars. They smash the prices, take as much real AG/AU from the market as possible. That way they can keep playing their game for an even longer time.

    Why do people think that their deliberate smashing of prices doesn’t do them as much good as it does us, if not more..?

  • Eric

    Just ordered another bag of 90%. This is awesome. After stacking for a while, you realize it doesn’t matter what the paper price is any longer. You realize you’ve stacked enough and this is just extra frosting on your cake. You realize how much a gift from the cartel days like today are when you can stack more at lower prices. Thanks Jamie! I believe I owe Blythe a big wet one.

  • Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!

    “We The People” are getting all the physical silver now at huge discounts. If “they” wanted to nail us they would have jacked the price up $10 today and slammed it $20 tomorrow!

    Could it be that this was all planned? Bahahaha!

    Keep Stacking!


    • Eric

      Love it Bix! Always appreciate your insight and the road the roota theory! Thanks for all you’ve done. I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. Maaaan this is gonna be sweet! 🙂

    • chris

      You have just escalated ‘delusional, Bix’.
      And by the way, your admission that you still had a gold coin is just another disgusting example of ‘do as I say, not as I do’. I challenged you when you wrote that everyone should sell every scrap of gold to buy silver. To find that you kept some yellow, contrary to the advice you gave to your readers? Priceless. Proof you are always part yellow… it’s the streak that runs down your spine. One man’s gift horse is another man’s pile of horse shit… I say your symbolic gesture of letting go of your gold today is far later than it should have been… but still damn good reason for normal people to keep some gold.

  • Mike B

    I was buying at 5.00 and bought at 45.00. Physical over fiat. Man its feels good knowing I only have 100.00 in the bank and physical in possession. Saved my last gold oz for exchange to silver today.

  • Sandor Bors

    Just bought 4 beautiful Maple Leafs from my local curmudgeons at the coin shop. Spot + $5. They are miserable. They sold out of silver bars and Liberties today, probably at a loss. I asked them if they were aware of today’s promotion to which one replied tersely, “It’s all speculation.” These scrooges may never get it.

  • jeff

    F’em — my order is in.

  • Punkys Dad

    No, my favorite local Bullion store is out of SILVER! Coins, bars, rounds Nada! 🙁 *sniff*

  • Dee

    It is no longer a battle between “us” and “them.” You and I have already won the game. It is now a battle between them and the rest of the poor, unfortunate masses who are going to be left out in the cold when the music stops. Think about how many people in this world have no clue whatsoever. We are a minority, friends. We are not a critical mass. They don’t care that a miniscule percentage of us have it figured out. This will continue until every ounce is spoken for.

    Every single time I step out into this densely-populated metropolitan city, I survey the quantities of people all around me and think, “You, and you, and you, and you, and you……[most likely] have no precious metal. What will become of you?”

    Worry not about the price. Care that you have anything physical at all. And keep it.

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