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Market Not Finding Enough Metal To Meet Future Demand

from KitcoNews:

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4 comments to Market Not Finding Enough Metal To Meet Future Demand

  • Market not finding enough metal for future demand..?
    So that is why it has gotten so cheap, and cheaper day
    by day….as the future approaches.
    And “delays” in delivery are not simply occuring because
    of inventory as needed policies as a hedge against falling prices?
    So…why isn’t the sky blue if it is gray???
    Oh, will the new American steel coinage make rust stains around your pockets
    if you wet yourself?
    These are more interesting topics than this filler story.

  • Nick

    I’m still surprised that the paper price is above zero. Wait until people realize that their paper receipts are no longer redeemable for actual physical gold and silver.

  • justsaying

    I agree with this individual… we are not going to see any changes for a couple of years. Whoever controls the paper money will control the price. At least for the now. this is a long time investment…keep stacking… it will pay off on the long run.

  • Frank Zak

    Of 700 junior minors, 60% or more are expected
    to go broke in the next year. Thet can’t get loans anymore.

    Gold production is horrible with no new major
    discoveries. South Africa production down 50% from top.

    Gols is running into a supply problem big time.

    It costs $1200 an oz to mine.

    Kitco is the best.

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