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Lipozene: the Miracle Weight Loss Pill Finally Discovered (Parody)

from MarkDice:

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3 comments to Lipozene: the Miracle Weight Loss Pill Finally Discovered (Parody)

  • Sayldog

    HILARIOUS! Did you catch the picture of the fat chick on the bicycle with her little kid in the ride-along seat? Kid’s gonna need therapy.

  • Vanessa

    I am very confused. I have always thought that we were truthers/patriots out of love and understanding for our fellow man. We know that the food and water are filled with various poisons like aspartame, high fructose corn syrup, and fluoride. We know these ingredients are in nearly everything! We know about the “elites” plan to destroy the family through a combination of feminism and extreme inflation, forcing women into the workplace. How can anyone work a 9 hour day and still wander the aisles of the grocery store reading the ingredients on every item? Who can come home after a long work day, feeling very hungry, and make a meal from scratch? So knowing all of this, you post this video mocking the VICTIMS of the conspiracy???? I just don’t understand.
    As a teenager, I was fat. So I know the pain, anguish, and self-hatred that goes along with that. There were a group of boys that made fun of me almost daily. Actually, it was really only two of them, the rest just laughed which was almost worse. By you posting this video, you remind me of those boys who thought the mocking and scorn was so damn funny! My self-esteem was as low as it could go. I felt worthless. I stopped eating and became anorexic. When I did eat, I made myself throw up. It wasn’t until I met my husband that I realized that LOVE was the only answer to the problems life throws at us.
    I have helped many people lose weight over the years, through love and support. I know the pain they are feeling and that they don’t WANT to be fat. They are NOT lazy nor are they stupid!! Sometimes people just need to know that others care about them.

  • Vanessa

    P.S. My main tormentor is now a police officer in Dayton, OH (go figure).

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