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Let the Market Build Bridges

from The Daily Bell:

Why are our Bridges Falling? The Economics of the Infrastructure Deficit …Tonight I turned on the news to learn that a major bridge over the Skagit River on Washingon State’s I-5 had fallen down. The bridge is not far from where I live. I have driven over it more times than I like to think. Why did it fall? The proximate cause is clear: A large truck, carrying an oversize load, hit a crucial girder and the whole thing collapsed. The economic cause is also clear: Our political leaders are so obsessed with one isolated part of the national balance sheet—the balance of the federal government’s financial assets and liabilities—that they have not noticed other, even larger threats to our national balance sheet. -Economonitor

Dominant Social Theme: Government better get serious about the infrastructure – and fast.

Free-Market Analysis: This is a great article because it points out how wretchedly US government at every level has performed when it comes to the infrastructure.

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