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Latest Pictures of Devastation in Oklahoma

from Cyber Tribe Network:

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2 comments to Latest Pictures of Devastation in Oklahoma

  • The Truth

    This is a typical example of the use of HAARP technology. Obama administration is under fire and the masses need something to focus on. Here it is, intensified storms. The same thing happened with Katrina and Galveston TX when Bush was under fire for the weapons of mass destruction which never existed. These demons will never quit until they destroy everything! Cyber war and spiritual wars have the same thing in common. They both are not seen easily by the naked eye.

  • Good Ole Boy

    While I won’t rule out the use of HARRP, that is not the only possible cause. Out here, tornados are a normal thing. If had been anywhere else the death toll would have been much, much higher. The path this tornado took is a common place for tornados to touch down with two previous tornados taking similar tracks and causing wide destruction. The difference now is that the area is far more populated than it was 10-15 years ago.

    People are in shock wandering aimlessly through the streets, not quite sure what to do. Pictures do not do it justice.

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