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Katy Perry’s Dad Calls Her a “Devil Child” And Asks People to Pray For Her

from MarkDice:

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4 comments to Katy Perry’s Dad Calls Her a “Devil Child” And Asks People to Pray For Her

  • Eric

    Katy who? She’s already an admitted satanist. You’d have to have no soul at all to pay any attention to her.

  • NaySayer

    More celibritard news from dice. I’m a real american, I don’t care if people worhsip barney the purple dinosaur as long as they don’t break any laws. If they commit a crime while worshipping then anybody who does should go to jail, not just “sataists”.

    • Upstart


      I have copied and pasted the same reply I left on the other Perry article:

      You have missed the point, and the bigger picture.

      For an introduction into how and why the music business, the stars, and the people behind them, influence all aspects of popular culture (and therefore perception of domestic and world events, economic issues, morality, and spirituality) you may wish to visit ‘’.

      You may wish to take a flashlight with you as this enterance to the ‘rabbit hole’ is particularly dark and steep.

  • delllat

    Mark you are foolish….But here is ur N!99A pass U A$$

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