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Just Another Day in the Paper Metals Twilight Zone

DOW 15,200+, the NIKKEI up 46% year to date, new records being set throughout the fixed income Bond market… and then there’s the old, barbarous monetary precious metal relics Gold and Silver: Painting the picture that only a fool would want to own ’em.

Never mind the fact that JP Morgan’s eligible PHYSICAL gold has plunged to a fresh record low of only 137,377 troy ounces.

It’s just another day in the paper metals twilight zone.

SILVER: The Achilles’ Heel

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66 comments to Just Another Day in the Paper Metals Twilight Zone

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    The money junkies days are numbered.

    • Frank Zak

      In the 1980’s gold crashed faster than it is now.
      Silver went from $50 to $5 in short order.
      $1000 gold has a 75% of being hit. That would put silver below $15.

      If the stock market tops and falls the metals
      could move down even faster from here.

      The cycle bottom is 2016.

      With silver eagles selling at $3.59 over spot, how many idiots
      will continue to buy them ? Buying will dry up and the
      premiums will drop like a rock.

      Gold eagles only have $20 between buy and sell.
      Why buy silver when it is overproduced 207 million oz
      a year after all coinage demands ?

      You can get in and out of gold fast at $20.
      With silver you are stuck.

      Gold is reality, silver is prue hype.

      See Tulving.

      • Frank Zak

        We accuse the banksters of being greedy.

        But, do we ever look at ourselves ?

        How long would it have taken you to
        look at the supply – demand of silver
        at Silver Institute ?

        Silver is grossly overproduced and mine
        production rising fast.

        Why didn’t any of these silver vendors tell
        you this, they all knew ?

        They all know only gold is underproduced.

        But, dealers can only make $20 profit on a gold
        1 oz eagle.

        You people need to look in the mirror. My generation went through
        this in 1980. Now this generation will have to wise up.

        • Waldog

          Curious on what motive Frank Hak has on bashing silver all the time. A lot of my friends can’t afford gold so trust me people will be buying silver if you believe this whole thing collapses.

          • eric

            When you’re stacking coins, you’re building generational wealth and real savings. Any smackdown from the cartel just means you can stack more coins with your fiat. When you’re trading stocks, and cost averaging down, you’re taking lots of risk and losing along the way. Silver will never go to zero. Stocks will. Bonds will. Fiat currencies will. Stocks are for gamblers trying to make a quick buck. Theres nothing wrong with stocks or bonds, and gold and silver are money, not currency. Just make sure what you are doing works for your own personal situation.

          • staniel_stefe

            Frank Zak probably bought a bunch of AG at $47 before JPM slammed the bull back with free FED money and infinite unbacked paper contracts. Frank now thinks he is going to be a zillionaire buying all $500,000 two bedroom Compton homes, and then selling them at a million in two years. He will be a sad person to see when the the banks dump their huge inventories of shit properties to stay solvent when the FED goes tits up in about 12 months or less when interest rates skyrocket because of their infinite printing of money. Frank will probably be homeless and we can pitch him a loaf of bread now and then for his prophetic lunacy on the metals forums.

  • Mike

    I should have never gotten into this sector. I have lost more money with my avg price in the mid 30s and in the mining shares than I would have lost just watching my paper money decline over the years. Defeats the whole purpose to get into precious metals in the first place. Now stuck in it until the crash to break even. Whats the point? Should have known better to listen to all the “experts” who were screaming to buy in 30s when I was because price explosion imminent. And these same people keep calling for things to turn sround and they continue to be wrong.

    • Glitter 1

      Mike, your original instincts are still valid and intact.Unfortunately, the Gold and Silver markets are rigged/manipulated and it is what it is until it ends and it will.Your silver in hand will be worth something when your Paper Dollars are devalued 50-60% overnight. Your lack of experience/faith in this market is overtaking your emotions at the moment.You did not make a bad decision,our day will come and it will be big,much bigger than what’s currently going on in the S&P and the DOW.Stick with it,it will turn.You haven’t lost anything,only if you panic and sell.

    • scott

      I feel your pain (as do many others)….just hang in there. When all of these “know it alls” started running their mouths about “rockets to the moon” I had to laugh. They know nothing. Common sense will tell you that our financial situation is dire. The powers that be will do ANYTHING to maintain their status quo. This entire event will play out over many, many years. My guess (which is just as good as Sinclair’s guess)is that the SHTF event will be latter part of next decade.

      We have insurance policies protecting our homes and cars and you need insurance (real money) to protect the wealth you’ve worked all your life to acquire. Put 20% of your net worth into PM and forget about it and enjoy life.

      These know it alls say that everything coming out of the MSM is just noise. Their rhetoric is no damn different. Just noise. Eventually they will be correct…but hell even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    • Jay

      There will come a day when the price we paid for our precious metals (particularly silver IMHO) will be as relevant as our grades in high school – if you can remember that far back. First, think wealth preservation! Second, think returns/profit; the proverbial icing on the cake.

    • Eric

      You haven’t lost any “money.” Unless you sold, you haven’t lost any fiat currency either.

    • lastmanstanding

      Mike, a day will come when honesty returns to the earth.

      Your metals will get you things of incredible value in the real world.

      Bad people are crushing the faith of good people every damn day.

      Please don’t be one of them…and we all have those days.

    • Semi-Anonymous

      Yep, they are wrong, but it’s rather hard to account for these kind of over-the-top manipulations. Nevertheless, the whole point of buying PM’s has been nullified if you’re not actually preserving your wealth or losing it. This is why I’m selling (at least 1/3 of my stack) when I break even, because I don’t believe it’s protecting my savings anymore. Ironically, if I had just left all my money in the bank, I would have made money from the interest. Maybe PM’s will be worth a shitload someday, but that day will come too late for me. I’d rather buy something I can use and develop, like land.

  • Praxis

    Does anyone really care about spot price anymore?
    Metals will go up when the London fixers let it go up. When it’s in their interest.
    They won’t have a choice ‘eventually’. End of story.

  • whine like a little bitch. listen to your own self. quit blaming others little child.

  • Jim

    Bought another 200 ounces….what a bargain. Hope it goes to $10.

  • Glitter 1

    I was hoping that CIGA Bo Polny had some revealing insight that was being overlooked by others. Looks like it wasn’t to be, unless he is just off by a couple of days.Guess we will see come Friday.

  • steelerdude

    What happened to Bix’s market crash yesterday? Wonder if he is still counting days …LOL

  • willyt2

    Is this shit ever going to end? Slam, Slam, Slam, they are relentless and it gets so frustrating to watch. Nothing but a bunch of fucking leetches. More than you can take some days. It doesn’t seem to pay to try to do the right thing by trying to live the honest life. Be good and kind to others. Seems you have to be ruthless and not give a shit about anyone or anything, be dishonest steal from the little guy and move it up to greedy power hungry elites who could care less about what they do to anyone. People do not matter only money and power matters these days. What a truly pathetic bunch they are. Rotten to the core, corrupt to the core. Their day will come!!!!!! I hope I get to see it.

  • Silver & Gold are for the new paradigm, It is generational wealth not a short term investment. Patience children. Doesn’t anybody listen to Chris Duane?

  • Nick

    I think the fun and games will be over when the BRICS say it is. Even if the BRICS were to turn out to be just another side of the same old globalist coin to a degree — I don’t think the Chinese and Russians will be happy playing second fiddle to the Europeans and Americans much longer. I think China in particular has really had enough of the US borrowing money that will be used to build more military bases to surround China, especially after the US tried to setup an Asian trade zone that excluded China: not too bright.

    • Jay

      Nick, you’re spot on! The Western banking powers are not operating in a vacuum; they’re only one side of the global economic coin so to speak. On one side, the West (US, UK, EU) are kicking the can and buying time with market manipulations. While on the other side, the East (BRICS plus the non-aligned nations) are expediting the dollar’s demise as the global reserve currency. Ergo, the currency wars are heating up! We can’t forget the dynamic economic tensions taking place between the East and the West, the new and the old. As much as the old western elite would like us to think that they are in control and calling the shots – they aren’t! They are reacting to the new and emerging global paradigm (BRICS) as much, if not more, than simply carrying out their agenda for maintaining control. In time, the BRICS will win out and our precious metals will increase significantly in value as their new currency system will have the backing of gold and silver. Meanwhile, we stack and prepare for the shift.

      • Nick


        It’s very sad. A lot of the folks that are now scoffing at buying gold and silver — because the fractional reserve paper price keeps going down in comparison to the fractional reserve Federal Reserve Note price — will go hungry later.

        What on earth does the Big-Gulp Crowd think they know that the Chinese don’t? The Chinese could buy more dollars, too — but they are trying to get rid of the dollars in order to buy more physical gold. The Chinese aren’t clawing over each over in gold shops for nothing. Nobody wants to be the last one stuck with the dollar when the rest of the world announces they won’t be taking it anymore. Even if all of this weren’t happening, the brainwashed crowd hasn’t realized that when the derivatives bursts, the banks will be seizing depositors money a-la Cypress.

      • Glitter 1

        Jim Willie has recently said that his insider source has stated that the BRICS are discussing what the clearing price of Gold and Silver prices are to be when they go live with their fund back currency. Gold = $8k oz and Silver = $250 oz.

    • Hannon

      I think the fun and games will be over when the BRICS have finished milking all the metal out of the way to predictable and overly arrogant banksters. They have a limited play book and continue to under estimate their foes and governed subjects, and they keep digging deeper holes that will eventually become their graves.

  • Mike

    I know there are many people out there that are screaming about the price dropping, me personally, I am glad. With more and more international transactions getting away from the reserve currency of the dollar it is just a short matter of time before the currency comes home to the U.S.. When that happens, the value of our dollar will plunge even farther. This is a cycle that has been played out many times throughout history. I am not a “silver investor”, I am a “silver saver”, to bring a certain amount of peace of mind to people I recommend they look at what silver bought 50 years ago and compare it to dollars. Then and only then do they realize the true lesson of inflation.

    • Ed_B

      Spot on, Mike. Silver and gold have some very redeeming features, one of which is that they preserve purchasing power over the long term. As one of the “old guys” on here, I have to say that the things that we used to buy in the early 1960s for a quarter can still be had but now cost $4-5. Well, guess what a 90% silver quarter is worth? About $4-5. Yeah, the paper price is a rigged game and it bounces up and down but get this, people… PMs are NOT an ATM. Repeat that a few times until it sinks in. They are MUCH more like a financial insurance policy. I may not receive the benefits from owning silver and gold in my life-time, but… my kids and grand kids WILL. And that’s a family legacy that anyone should be proud to leave to those they love most.

      We don’t have to look too far around the world to see the effects of the fiat money regime collapsing. The people in Greece, Cyprus, Argentina, Venezuela, and Japan are receiving a 1st class lesson in what is and is not MONEY. In both Cyprus and Greece, savers got screwed and lost a good chunk of their savings. In the other 3 countries I mention, their currencies are being devalued. When, not if, this happens in the US, we will all wake up one morning to discover that the banks are all closed and that the US dollar is now worth about half of what it was the day before. Those who have REAL money, aka silver and gold, will not be troubled by this, because their metals will be worth twice what they were the day before, so their net worth remains the same and their life-style is not damaged or destroyed. Those who trusted paper money, on the other hand, will be blued, screwed, and tattooed. Oh, yeah… that tattoo will be placed on their foreheads and it says… “IDIOT”. lol

      • Semi-Anonymous

        Wait a minute… first we’re told the dollar collapse is coming soon, then we’re told it’s coming in a few years, and now it isn’t even going to happen in our lifetime?! Excuse me?! This is the great argument to buy PMs?! Wow, beginning to think, I’ve been totally suckered.

    • Glitter 1

      Silver is up 2300% since 1965 when a silver dollar was $1,it’s now $23+.In 1965 there were ~5 billion ozs above ground surplus/supply, which is all used up/consumed.How did silver increase 2300% with billions of ozs of above ground supply/surplus. It’s all about inflation.

  • Newfie

    Lot of PM’s moving around the globe. If this is not an indication as to what you should be holding, then I don’t know what is. I bought in the near 30’s as well, don’t bother me much, I didn’t buy to get rich, I bought it as a safety net. Longer this plays out, longer I have to keep preparing.

  • uncviper23

    Buying in for a long time and they have now reach my if you’re giving it away I thank you zone.

    Pick a market have seen this many times and then in time the advance. The more that give up and capitulate the faster we can move forward. I’ll eat it mine before I’ll give it away.

    All in to survive and for my family’s sake.

  • mark s mann

    Hello Friends…

    If you have time on your side with metals, meaning you can hold them longer till you need to cash out ( 5,10, 20 years) then the “experts” are correct. However, given all the price smack downs, all the cards are still not on the table yet. This can not go on forever. How could anyone who is posting here not be 100% sure the meltdown is not more than 5 years away at most? People should be happy, because they have a lot more time to prepare. If you don’t need to cash out tomorrow, you’ve not really lost anything. The more the Cabal does this the sooner the price separation between paper and physical will become inevitable.

    If you don’t want to buy anyone more precious metals, consider alternative investments like: firearms, ammunition, collectible knives, hand held non-electric tools, watches, …or….invest in some fitness equipment. Do you Own a bike for yourself and each member of your family who would / could be able to ride one?

    Do you have clothing for the next change of season? You could save 30-40% buying winter clothing right now. If you are a size small and medium, you can save 50-60%.
    You are going to need it anyway.

    I think investing in yourself is important too. No one wants to be the richest, most metal having person in the cemetery.

  • Michael

    The only money you lose is if you sell. If you hold you win. If it takes a month or a year who gives an Kitko. This house of cards is coming down, anyone capable of critical thought can see that with the exception of Frank.

  • Eric

    *Yawn* Wake me up when it gets to ZERO! At this rate that could be next month or sooner. People have to stop thinking using the cartel’s consciousness! If someone asks, “what is an ounce of silver worth?” and they answer in terms of federal reserve notes, challenge them! How much food can you buy with 480 grains of silver? How much fuel? WHAT IS MONEY?

  • Bobby

    Gold in the Twilight Zone:

  • Hman

    These postings show that the negative sentiment has peaked. When the most hardcore silver advocates turn soft, we sure are near the bottom.

  • Semi-Anonymous

    I can’t do this anymore. I started buying silver in 2010 when it was about $23 spot. I bought when it was $48, listening to some of the more eccentric voices. Big mistake. I bought in the low 30’s quite a bit to bring down my average. Now silver is back to where it started? We’ve come full circle? What?

    I already buy and sell other merchandise. Most things I buy appreciate in value, but silver has depreciated, or gained nothing. But all will be well in a few years, they say… but a lot could happen in a few years. I may need the funny money before then, and HAVE TO sell. There’s something wrong here.

    Look at bullets. Apparently that’s the real money of the collapse. Bullets. I wish my silver was bullets.

  • Grimace

    Come on $19!! I need another monster box

  • Johnny

    As optimistic as many of the comments are, sites such as this are still loaded with far too many people who are fixated on a false paper price.

    Why are we in PM, anyway? Is it for the short term fiat profit based upon the paper market, or is it a long term insurance policy based upon physical ownership?

    If it’s the former, than your disappointment with the non-stop waterfall is understandable. But I’m afraid you’re in it for the wrong reasons, and if you are one of those who actually purchased physical metal, yet share the motivations of the paper traders, all you need to do is change your motivations. In other words, RELAX, YOU’RE DOING JUST FINE.

    But I realize that requires a huge shift in thinking. You’re likely not convinced that: QE must and will continue unabated (further devaluing the dollar), retirement funds will likely be nationalized before the bank bail-ins begin, the bond bubble will burst, unemployment will go through the roof, government assistance and homelessness will increase dramatically, hyperinflation will set in, the BRICS nations will not just merely be a force to be reckoned with, but something much more than that… in other words, a steady decline in our economic health and vitality to the point of collapse.

    When you can finally accept these likelihoods, that long term insurance policy won’t seem so foolish after all. Rather, all that will seem foolish is the amount of mental energy and time you wasted worrying about a thoroughly rigged and corrupt paper market and its corresponding prices.

  • bullant

    I hate to say it guys, I think the banks plan is working and the trend aint good. I think the whole purpose of this comex is to destroy the price, destroy sentiment and create such a bias for gold that it will take a decade for it to recover. These guys are winning and all we can say now is “keep stacking there days are numbered” Does it resonate with anyone that it doesnt matter to these guys! Everything is and will be controlled by these guys for many years to come and the whole gold and silver is money thing, (although Im a believer in this message) will be forgotten by a system determined to undermine it. Its desperate times and there is a lot of reckless advice being passed on to people by so called industry gurus who infact make a living from the same bullion companies trying to sell these metals, that have put all of there savings into a wonderful concept to see it evaporate before there eyes (including me). I totally believe we are going to be crushed by the paper price and the phsycology of this will be devastating to people. And the only defense form our gurus have is ” The paper price doesnt matter” Well Im sorry but it certainly mattered when it was at $1900US to these same people. No matter how much I try to convince myself, I believe this whole bullion and the history of money is now just that a history lesson and is beginning to resemble a scam on both fronts. I believe the message is pure and honest but in the short term like over the past few months, I believe not. The quality of the stories and its content is now becoming desperate by some sites with real facts over fiction. The one thing that disturbs me is that regardless of everything we have learnt, is it to late for the sheeple to even understand a different thought process other than this, the masses really are way to dumbed down or to destitute to care??? I dont know, Im just venting my thoughts and I know Ill be cut down for it, to be honest I dont care, but it was this site where 2 years ago I heard the voice of the late Bobby C and Sean convince me of this incredible message. It truly resonated with me and Im sure for many others, but now all seems lost. Can anyone truly afford to hold out for another 5 years of these games without breaking even???? Im sure the banks are mostly to blame for this, but if the traders keep taking the bait, this could go on forever just like QE, please KWN convince otherwise.

  • rj

    Go ahead, sell your metal. You’ll be kicking yourself in the ass. Gold and silver are tiny US/UK markets, it’s easy for them to bitchslap the paper price. Ask yourself why they give a shit (fiat is worth zero), and why they don’t pound gasoline back down to $ 1.50 a gallon. They can’t, that’s why. Gold and silver are both going up big time, as soon as these scumbags buy your stash.

  • Silverback

    Hold fast, don’t be mislead by the attacks, keep buying the dips. If you need to hear more truth listen to Wm. Kayes 2-part interview on kingworldnews…

  • Semi-Anonymous

    I can’t do this anymore. I started buying silver in 2010 when it was about $23 spot. I bought when it was $48, listening to some of the more eccentric voices. Big mistake. I bought in the low 30′s quite a bit to bring down my average. Now silver is back to where it started? We’ve come full circle? What?

    I already buy and sell other merchandise. Most things I buy appreciate in value, but silver has depreciated, or gained nothing. But all will be well in a few years, they say… but a lot could happen in a few years. I may need the funny money before then, and HAVE TO sell. There’s something wrong here.

    Look at bullets. Apparently that’s the real money of the collapse. Bullets. I wish my silver was bullets.

    p.s. I don’t understand why this post has seemingly failed moderation. Maybe I hit the nail on the head.

    • Semi-Anonymous

      p.p.s. And before someone tells me to “buy the dip”… I already did several times, a few days ago and before that. I’m out of expendable funny money for more. Now what? Wait for 8 years to sell and hope I never need the funny money back?

    • Johnny

      Why do some of us even waste our time posting comments about the difference between the paper and physical price, the difference between PM investing and PM insurance, and the TRUE value of gold and silver as they relates to a deteriorating economy and expanding debt.

      No sooner are we done posting a concise and positive comment, when some other sob sister just completely ignores everything that we stated and wallows in their “my silver and gold are depreciating” routine.

      Do they not read the comments of others? Jeez, wake the hell up and open your minds!

      • Semi-Anonymous

        I read your comments. They’ve convinced me not to buy any more PM’s and sell as soon as I can break even.

        • Johnny

          Please stop feeling sorry for yourself. It’s pathetic.

          And you won’t break even, unless you’re wise enough to wait. But I’m buying if you decide to throw in the towel early!

          • Semi-Anonymous

            How am I feeling sorry for myself? I’m just acknowledging the reality of what’s happening. At this point, considering smug and obnoxious comments like these, I cannot see why any sane person would buy PM’s, unless they’re already wealthy, and want to throw away 5% of their wealth on the casino of PM’s. Curious that you say buying PM’s is an “insurance policy” because most insurance is worthless, a scam, or something you’re forced to buy into.

            • Semi-Anonymous

              And btw, why do you think dealers buy and sell PM’s? To make money, you idiot. They don’t buy it for an insurance policy. If you want an insurance policy, go buy an actual insurance policy.

              • Johnny

                Yes, precious metals dealers, both large and small, buy and sell PM to make a profit, which they then turn around and use use to buy more PM for their own PERSONAL insurance. They stack for the same reasons we do. Well, some of us.

                I know this through experience because I know a couple of dealers personally.

            • Johnny

              You need not be so bitter about it. YOU chose the “scam”, no one put a gun to your head (I don’t think), and now you’re mad at yourself for THINKING that you made a bad choice. I don’t believe you did. Then again, I suppose if you made the choice because you wanted an overnight profit, than it WAS misguided. You should have stuck with the stock market. Really. But you’re still ahead of the game, only the numbers are lying.

              You’re clearly on a different page than so many others who accumulate PM as a hedge against inflation. (“Insurance”.), and because they see the day when REAL currency will be king. I’m thinking long term. Too bad you refuse to. This was the main point I was attempting to make in my original post.

              If you cannot figure it out without my having to say more, then I’m sorry to say that you likely will not see things any differently than you do know. In any case, good luck.

              • Semi-Anonymous

                I’m not bitter about it, I’m a bit freaked out and challenging my belief system on PMs to correspond with reality.

                I really thought I was making a good choice all this time, but the point is, buying PMs has failed to preserve wealth. It’s just plain failed. What I expected, was for PMs to maintain their approximate value or gain in value, or if they went down, not nearly this much… and if they did, it would be because the COMEX crashed. There is far too much rigging and manipulation in this market to get a fair shake from it, and I can’t recommend it to anyone anymore.

                How long is long term? Every time someone gives a date, it comes and passes. Eventually we’re all going to die on this planet. What good is this “insurance” when we’re dead?

                • Jiohnny

                  I’m sorry, I don’t share your pessimism, but I understand where you’re coming from.

                  I NEVER liked predictions, whether monetary or time-wise, and I’m the first to criticize them. It’s far too easy to get caught up in that game, so I’m careful to take them with a grain of salt. They lead to false expectations and disappointment, not to mention the loss of credibility on the part of those who make them.

                  But in their defense, I will say that many of those who are considered experts in the PM field have underestimated the manipulators and banksters. They believed this game what have ended already. It should have, no doubt. But these criminals are firmly entrenched in every aspect of society, from the financial institutions, to the government, to the media, to the education and religious institutions, and everything in between.

                  They are manipulating more than metal prices, they are manipulating peoples perception of reality. As such, they’ve been able to get away with much more than many of us ever imagined.

                  But they cannot kick the can down the road forever. Eventually, this charade will catch up to them. I believe they know that, which is why they’re throwing all caution to the wind and now operate so blatantly.

                  Obviously, I will not predict a time when this will change, but I believe I will be young enough to still enjoy my life should I make it through the upheaval alive and in one piece. I have the utmost of faith that I will, and MUST prepare for those days.

                  In the meantime, life goes on. I’m not wealthy by any stretch, but I lead a very disciplined life. My finances are tightly controlled and I do not live beyond my means. Yet, I don’t lack in the “good things” of life. It’s a balancing act, and I’ve become very good at it. Not everyone is, so I feel fortunate.

                  I will continue to stack, because I know that the dollar is doomed. I do not stack strictly metals, there’s other things worth hording as well, as I’m sure you well know. But they cannot completely take the place of PM, because they are not currency.

                  So let me ask you this question: what happens WHEN the economy collapses, the dollar devalues to the point of ridiculousness, and you’re stuck with that worthless fiat? What then? What’s your backup plan? It’s a simple question, but a very sobering thought.

                  I understand that, at the moment, cash is still king. We need it for our daily transactions and we need it for our survival. I would be a moron to dispute that. But wee MUST have an alternate plan of action, and one that does not necessarily require an IMMEDIATE return on our investment. I believe physical PM is that, and though many are gauging its legitimacy based on fraudulent prices, all that will change when fraudulent fiat money falls flat. Whether you believe it is another story, and maybe that’s where you and I part. Or maybe you simply do not intend to wait for something that NO ONE has a timeline for (except, perhaps, the manipulators and banksters themselves).

                  You have to do what you have to do. I don’t know your age or circumstances, so it would be unfair to comment further. But if you’re willing and able to hang in there, it would be a good thing. In any case, I wish you the best.

              • Semi-Anonymous

                “So let me ask you this question: what happens WHEN the economy collapses, the dollar devalues to the point of ridiculousness, and you’re stuck with that worthless fiat? What then? What’s your backup plan? It’s a simple question, but a very sobering thought.”

                At that point, we’ll be relying on whatever necessities we already have, like food and water. I’ve put money into that. But PM’s may not be immediately valuable. What really bothers me about about PM’s, is unlike food and other necessities, they’ve lost much of their value to buy things during this time. We’re back to 2010 levels for crying out loud. I was really reluctant to get into PM’s then, but I made the leap, with a few small purchases. I watched as the paper price of silver raised, and decided at the $26 level I would put much more into it. It seemed I was protecting my purchasing power for the future. But now? Now silver is approaching $22. It’s as if the last couple of years didn’t even happen.

                If this is just temporary, then fine, I can live with that. But if we languish in this range for years, or go lower, it really isn’t a good investment for the average man or woman out there. What the “experts” should be telling people is that this is a heavily manipulated market, and to only buy when the price is ridiculously low. But that’s not what we were told. We were told the price would “go to the moon” and buy in regular intervals, regardless of price.

                The good news to all this, is that some coins I bought a couple years ago, actually have appreciated in value considerably, to where I may actually be able to break even on some of my costs. But not at these current paper prices. When I can break even, or it’s profitable, I will sell 1/3 of my stack. I’ll hang in there as long as I can, but I need to buy other things, like a generator, so I can run the air conditioning when the power goes out (as it is prone to do sometimes).

                Anyway, thanks for your perspective on this, and keeping it civil.

                • Johnny

                  Likewise on the last part. I am passionate about this subject, and want to see other benefit from it as well as myself. As such, the frustration level reaches could approach the red mark at times.

                  We’re in the midst of a psychological war (of sorts), and our patience and faith will be tested to the max. All of us are doing our share of soul-searching, and it’s important that we stand by each other as we enter the difficult times ahead.

                  United we stand, divided we fall. The latter is what the controllers count on.

                • Johnny

                  “…the frustration level reaches could approach the red mark at times.”

                  I know, it sounded strange, but I’m tired. You get what I meant.

  • Mattrock

    The price fixing will continue until the next crisis. Watch Japan. The bullion houses are defaulting. Asia is buying like a junkie.
    Who’s into the PM market – 2% of the population? As the debts increase, the bond markets crack,and the taxation gets evil, more people will wake up. Once the threshold is crossed and enough people wake up, confidence will be lost and the rocket ride will finally begin. Until then, you can’t expect a few percentage of the pop to get their way.
    Honestly, I think everyone should be cautious about hoping for a metal mania. I think at that point TPTB will be so desperate there will be wars, martial law, disruptions in food and fuel supplies, etc. At that point, the price of your little yellow tokens won’t matter and should be buried and forgotten until the dust settles.
    All fiat has defaulted in the past. PMs are the way to go. Just enjoy your day and be glad things are still ‘normal’ for now…

  • verum-i

    How did we get into this appalling financial quagmire?
    Since Kennedy there’s never been any scruples or moral fibre in the conduct of US governments.
    Every administration has been completely infested with moles appointed as payoffs to the interest group which bought each flunky Prez his election.
    Thus ‘government’ has been 100% for its ‘owners’.

    In fact, every administration has been completely in the grip of the Zionist Lobby, & today’s flunky administration is a prime example of all these Zio governments where the Zio traitors have unfettered control to implement every scheme & ploy to benefit the Zio Banksters, the Zio Fed & the Zio warmongers inside & outside the US! Obama paid off the Zio lobby with Zio appointments across the board!

    From the Zio traitors of Rubin/Summers who implemented the Zio Banksters’ scam to neuter any restriction to their unfettered rule & ability to rort the financial system to the tune of quadrillions, to Zio Paulson’s extortion of trillions from taxpayers’ for these very same crims, after they, in their infinite idiocy & abject criminality, bankrupted the entire financial system & then dictated to be bailed out; all are implementing the same criminal Zio plot!

    Then came Zio Geithner & now Zio Lew and each one carries out the same agenda of the Zionist Banksters, in power through their ill-gotten wealth: to loot, bankrupt & debt enslave the Goyim so they can be destroyed and eliminated. After all they are nothing more than cattle & beasts, to be exploited by the ‘Chosen Ones’, & killed at will by them with impunity; well so wrote their Yahweh in their Talmud!
    Religion, the ultimate terrorist dogma!

    This is implemented with unflinching dogged & callousness.

    • There must be no alternative allowed to the Zio Fiat Currency Racket, which is the lynchpin to the Zio plan to debt enslave humanity & rape, loot and pilfer trillions from the Productive Citizens under this iniquitous Zio system.

    • Gold & Silver must be destroyed, & every Zio Treasurer & Zio Fed Chairman is and has been engaged in the fanatical implantation of this reprehensible scheme to destroy the people’s Money, while destroying & looting trillions from the Productive Citizens with this despicable Zio Crime of smashing/suppressing Au/Ag in rigged markets.

    The Zio Fiat Racket, ZFR, is a criminal ploy by the Zionist Banksters to rape, loot and pilfer the Productive Citizens & debt enslave them with their Fiat junk conjured out of thin air.

    It is hostage to the deliberate boom bust cycles engineered by the Zio Fed so the Zio Banksters can profiteer from the boom, & even more so from the bust cycle where the Zio Banksters slurp up distressed assets for pennies on the $, and eliminate their competition, a deliberate racket continuously repeated since 1913.

    It is based on the mendacious ZFR paradigm of corruption, fraud & wholesale larceny & rigged markets.

    The Zio Fed, in a spurious pretence to save this unsalvageable, iniquitous ZFR is engaged in callously & systematically destroying the people’s real Money; Gold & Silver! And has so for half a century!

    The Zionist Banksters use this rigging racket to rape & loot the Productive Citizens out of $ trillions, with complete impunity & the perfidious connivance of the top noble Zio colluder/traitor in Chief.

    This 24/7 suppression/smashing/destruction of Au/Ag is the Zio parasitic Banksters’ $ quadrillion crime to destroy & debt enslave the Productive Citizens to the Zio Banksters, all with complete connivance & impunity curtesy of this treasonous Zio Gov!

    The smashing of Gold and silver is also an odious treachery by these Zio terrorists, as it facilitates the disappearance of western, discounted Gold to China; the west will be left kowtowing to the Chinese as the rest of the world was forced to the US Zio Banksters for the last 100 years.!

    It is also a Zionist bankster crime against humanity for whom Gold and Silver are the Real, only Money. It destroys trillions invested in this sector from prospecting, mining, refining to savings & investing.

    Every flunky Prez carries out these Zio crimes, & WW3 will be their final prize to destroy what’s left of civilization & implement their sick dream of a Zio owned & dominated world.

    The majority of real Jews are in utter abhorrence of these Zio crims’ schemes & atrocities; these are the Jews with much closer connections to the Israelite tribes, unlike the Zio Ashkenazi Khazar pretend Jews, who were & are implementing the genocide of Palestinians and are baying to fulfil their sick dream of Zio world dominance over the Goyim.

    The racism is entirely theirs, and no charade and pretence can hide these facts, Israel is the ultimate racist state and dictates to the US every policy they want implemented via these Zio agents in Gov.

    Watch out for WW3 so these venal connivers can usurp power completely and have their New World Order under Zio control!

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