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Judge Napolitano Exposes Eric Holder And DOJ For ‘A Profound And Direct Assault On First Amendment’

from Fox News, via MichaelSavage4Prez:

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8 comments to Judge Napolitano Exposes Eric Holder And DOJ For ‘A Profound And Direct Assault On First Amendment’

  • Jeff

    Wonder what the left hand is doing while we get bullshitted by this right hand story. Why would we anybody be shocked at this point that this administration violates the constitution and all of its amendments. This is pure air-wave stuffing to distract the masses.

  • At least the matter reached mainstream media,
    not that the sheeple or the lady anchor seem to
    care much…

  • B.M.

    Talk, talk, talk. Judge Napolitano says a ton of things, but what ever COMES OF IT? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I am sick and tired of hearing all these experts point out everything that’s going wrong. What’s being done about it??????

  • Adam


    You should be happy that Napolitano says “a ton of things.” Nobody else is going to.

    Please don’t wait for the Judge or any of “these experts” to do anything. That’s not how it works. People have to wake up. This makes the bullshit easier to smell and the people shoveling it smell even worse.

    Napolitano is laying it out there for you, me, and everyone else to hear and take action. Action, right now, may be in the form of awareness. Tell a friend what you see and know is going on. Make others aware. Try to be articulate when you do, so they don’t think you’re exaggerating. Be patient with them. If you get upset, they’ll have an easy excuse to write you off as crazy. You are not.

    Don’t ever give up. You can’t.

    That said, don’t stand in front of a moving train. Those in charge are getting very desperate to hold onto their power. Let the train derail.

    • Johnny

      Very well said. Awareness IS the first form of action.

      I sense a lot of frustration due to the fact that nothing is being done about the injustices all around us. The fact of the matter is, people are becoming AWARE, and that MUST unfold in its own way and in its own time.

      Once we reach an adequate level of awareness, the rest will unfold as well (whatever that may be – NOTHING can be ruled out).

  • monica

    one the jews reached an ‘adequate level of awareness” they were inside a gas chamber about to die.
    the question is valid, all the talk and posturing about ‘this is wrong”, “they are breaking the law”..but WHAT did the forefathers leave us as an avenue of action when the majority of your elected officials are corrupt or unwilling to go against the corruption. what or where do we begin to either prosecute or dismantle tyranny??? does someone bring a class action suit or is the only solution we are given a militia???

    • Johnny

      Monica, the forefathers DID leave us with a specific avenue of action in the event that corruption and tyranny were to ever gain a foothold in our republic. However, I sincerely doubt that they ever anticipated the apathy and ignorance of the populace, such as to the extent that we have now.

      So, if you are insinuating that at THIS POINT in time a few armed patriots are going to have a productive impact on ANYTHING, you’re completely deluded. Go ahead and try your militia and see what comes of it.

      People simply are not awake enough accept such a thing. The militia would be seen as the enemy, the aggressor, the terrorist. There’s no question about it.

      On the other hand, should government agents continue to ramp up THEIR aggression (and they will), something will eventually have to give. I believe that most people have a line in the sand, and it may take that very scenario for them to finally become aware enough to react responsibly and appropriately.

      Yes, the Boston lockdown was a success, the sheeple responded predictably. But that lockdown lasted less than 24 hours. Let such a thing go on for a week or more, and just watch how aware the public will become.

      Magnify that by multiple and simultaneous lockdowns nationwide and that would be a recipe for disaster. The longer that such a thing goes on, the less public support it would receive, and eventually it would be countered. Long term Martial Law, especially of a blatant and aggressive nature, simply will not succeed, as hard as that may be for some to imagine at this point.

      As such, the feds are actually HOPING that a band of patriots will fire off a few shots or plant a few bombs. This is the very excuse they would need to demonize the liberty movement across the board and completely isolate them from the public at large. False flags blamed on patriots will accomplish the same purpose, which is why, they too, will ramp up going forward. But THAT overused trick is beginning to lose its magic, as citizen media is everywhere these days.

      So, if anyone is contemplating an armed revolt at this point in time, rest assured, it will fail, and fail miserably. I sincerely hope that people who speak this way only do so out of bravado and unrestrained emotion.

      But I agree, some simply will not become aware until they enter the gas chamber, or something similar (which I’m sure are ready and waiting to be put to use).

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