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Jon Stewart’s Brilliant and Hilarious Commentary on the IRS Scandal

by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkreig:

While the video below is scathing and hilarious, it is much, much more than that.  

Jon Stewart is well aware that the IRS being caught targeting groups for political reasons represents a major turning point in the psyche of the nation.  In the past, whenever anyone was targeted by the IRS the masses would generally assume that this person did something wrong.  Not anymore.

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2 comments to Jon Stewart’s Brilliant and Hilarious Commentary on the IRS Scandal

  • Eric

    “We have not sought this conflict; we have sought too long to avoid it; our forbearance has been construed into weakness, our magnanimity into fear, until the vindication of our manhood, as well as the defence of our rights, is required at our hands.”
    – Robert Toombs

    This seems to be a good time to dissolve the IRS and return ALL of the People’s Money!

  • AgShaman

    “Desensitization Gatekeeper”

    The sheep fall for it every time. When the court jester brings on the comedy soon after the scandal….it disarms the sheep. They don’t bother with thinking about the in your face insults coming from the govt. They don’t get angry when they are funneled into comedy and dreamland.

    Stewart is funny…there is no doubt.

    But his agenda is to put the sheep back to sleep in their “battery beds”

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