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James Turk – Extraordinary Delays For Physical Gold & Silver

from KingWorldNews:

Today James Turk told King World News that despite the current weakness in prices, there are extraordinary delays for both physical gold and silver in Europe. This is really an extraordinary set of circumstances that Turk has identified which has the central planners on the verge of being forced to release the price of the metals higher.

James Turk continues @

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8 comments to James Turk – Extraordinary Delays For Physical Gold & Silver

  • Mike

    Ah James Turk. One of the biggest hypsters in the business. Gee I wonder why? Maybe because his business sells gold and silver? Same old hype from the KWN crew.

  • Steve_D

    Not only are we seeing long lead times, but the premiums on some 1oz Silver coins are getting obscene.

  • Frank Zak

    Torrent of Fake U.S. Silver Eagle Coins Floods Canadian – Douglas May
    MAY 07, 2013
    CBC News, the largest news broadcaster in Canada, reports an “explosion in fake U.S. Silver Eagle coins being discovered in Hamilton, Ontario.”

    Hamilton, a popular destination for travelers en route to the Greater Toronto area, has just recently seen a meteoric influx of counterfeit bullion. Local coin collectors and pawn shops “are getting duped.”

    Hamilton police are warning “fake U.S. silver eagle dollar coins have been circulating in the city and have been sold to various establishments over the past few months.”

    And it is not only U.S. Silver Eagles: in Traverse County Michigan, detective Kevin Gray is now looking for another suspect who sold boxes of fake 1-ounce silver bars to “at least three different precious metal buyers in the area.”

    Basically, people are buying counterfeit coins or bars online, having them shipped to the United States, and are then driving around trying to sell the fakes. The Oklahoma City and Tulsa area also “get crime reports every other day… the flea markets, gun shows, the consumer is wide open for fraud,” says Rod Powers, a numismatist.

  • Frank Zak

    King World News = sociopath scammers ?

  • NaySayer

    Mike & Frank Zak equals trolls against silver stackers? Why do you come on a site like this just to denigrate silver? Can’t you go find some pro fiat currency, pro real estate buble, rah rah, the federal reserve are great heroes web site to troll?

    • Glitter 1

      Yup,the same old whiners it’s really getting monotonous. The scoffing at business people who have been providing a legitimate need for 40-50years.It kind of makes you wonder who/how the scoffers have scammed for a living.Like real estate agents shagging people,inflating properties with high fees and sourcing Liar Loans so the tax payers can backstop the risk. If the Gold and Silver market wasn’t rigged every day,their true inflation adjusted pricing would have already be relecting at least $3koz and $175oz.It’s just a waiting game.When it turns around/up the scoffers will miraculously transform into cheer leaders complete with pom poms.

    • 8Ball

      Ah, anyone who casts doubt on the high priests of PM is a “troll”… Listen to Eric King’s intros; would you buy anything from a guy who talks like that?

      The MSM has been bought and paid for a long time ago… hint: they do not work in your best interests.

      Nothing wrong with owning PM, just the people who hype ownership for their own profit while constantly telling you that they are “helping” & “keeping you informed”.

      Turk reminds me of the roaming Gnome or a jolly little Elf. “Just let me store your PM and everything will be fine…”

      Celente: “If you don’t hold it you don’t own it”. end of story

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