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Israelis Protest Austerity Harshness

by Stephen Lendman,

On May 11, thousands of Israelis protested publicly. They did so for social justice. More on that below.

In summer 2011, widespread social justice protests erupted. They continued for weeks. Others followed in summer 2012.

Several Israelis protested by self-immolation. Moshe Silman’s remembered best. He died for justice denied. During a July 14, 2012 protest, he poured gasoline over his body. He set himself ablaze. He left a letter saying:

“”The state of Israel stole from me and robbed me. It left me helpless.”

“Two Housing and Construction Ministry committees rejected me, even though I had a stroke.”

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2 comments to Israelis Protest Austerity Harshness

  • Karma Respect

    Nice to hear that social justus is even debated in Israel, like everywhere else that social justus is expected the demonstrators might as well be whistling in the wind. Bet that these people that are feeling deprived in their zionist enclave could care squat about the Palestinians locked in an israeli concentration camp and living on one or two dollars at most a day and deprived of sanitation and even basic humanity. Strange world we live in, my thanks to Mr Lendman for daily trying to make sense of it.


    Excellent for Dr lendmen to point out that Jewish Supremacist Organization Chabad Lubavitch is Exposed for sacrificing their own as well as others.

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