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In Defense Of The Entitlement Mentality

by Joel Valenzuela,

What’s wrong with kids these days? Today’s youth are so demanding. They think they’re owed something. They have this insufferable, all-permeating sense of entitlement that sours the very air in their proximity. Why don’t those little ingrates just learn to respect their elders and be thankful for everything they have?

Or so the conventional narrative goes. But I don’t buy it anymore. The young people are right this time. I’m here to defend the entitlement mentality of today’s youth.

The young people of the modern age do have some things to be grateful for. For most of the world, we live in an era of unprecedented safety, high life expectancy, and technological wonder. Never before has it been so easy to be fed, healthy, and able to access the entirety of human knowledge and achievement from virtually anywhere. All that, however, is only the silver lining on the looming stormcloud. All the high living by previous generations was done on credit. That’s debt that will have to be paid down the road. By today’s young people. And it’s happening already.

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