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How Canada’s Tax Day Became My Personal Independence Day

by Jeff Berwick, Dollar Vigilante:

Having had the bad luck to be born in North America’s version of Siberia, Canada, and believing solely in individuals and not a collectivist idea life I always feel a bit left out whenever the local slaves celebrate “Independence Day”. Whether it be in Canada, on July 1st or in the US on July 4th or in Mexico on September 16th. I especially like to ask those in the US on July 4th if they “agree with secession?” Most say no and I then usually ask, “So why are you celebrating July 4th?”

But, as April 30th is “tax” day in Canada I have decided to make this is my own personal independence day. Having left Canada in 2003, for all the reasons which I now expound on daily at The Dollar Vigilante, this is now my 10th anniversary of Jeff Berwick’s Independence Day.

I began the steps to free myself from slavery ten years ago and Canada’s tax day only seems fitting on which to celebrate. People look at me strangely as I cheer and shoot off fireworks while waving my anarcho-capitalist flag—but I am very happy just to celebrate it on my own.

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