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High Probability Of Another Major Paper Gold & Silver Smack-down

from Gregory Mannarino:

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6 comments to High Probability Of Another Major Paper Gold & Silver Smack-down

  • Tom G.

    You’re too late pal. I suggested this two weeks ago today.

  • steelerdude

    Then why did he say to buy gold and silver yesterday? Doh!

  • Waldog

    These precious medal advisers can’t keep up with their own lies anymore. Who do we trust?

  • Choo Hader

    Remember, this is from Greg Mannarino, who is NEVER correct, and knows nothing. The Oracle has spoken and the bottom is in… lololol

  • duckvision

    This guy is a complete and total idiot. Why does SGT link his BS? His trades and picks are one of the worst on youtube. He is a male nurse and not even in finance. He works at a medical clinic in Vegas and does youtube videos and calls himself a “expert” in the markets. He doesn’t trade! That is a fact. He has no money on the table on his picks. It’s a total lie and scam by Greg.

  • Mike

    This guy has been so wrong over the last few years that I am glad he is predicting lower prices so the trend of being wrong hopefully continues.

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