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Here We Go: Silver Waterfall in Progress

from Silver Doctors:

After consolidating near $23.70 throughout this morning’s Asian trading, silver has again been hammered by the cartel, with the first wave of selling beginning shortly after the London open, and culminating in a classic vertical waterfall decline taking the metal nearly back to $23 on the COMEX open.
The move has broken silver out of its nearly 3 week long trading range of $23.30-$24.50 to the downside, meaning a re-test of the correction low at $22.005 is now entirely possible.

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4 comments to Here We Go: Silver Waterfall in Progress

  • Michael

    Is it just me, or does Krapko show Silver and Gold in small increments when they are going down so it looks like they fell off the earth.

  • Mike

    This is getting so freaking old. Why even bother with this stuff? I could be in the stock market making money. Pull that out, and still buy silver for under $30 months/years from now. Anyone that thinks a collapse is near is not thinking right. This can go on for YEARS. Unfortunately my average buy price is in the mid 30s for silver so I’m stuck. What a freaking waste of money! Now I have to hope for collapse to break event.

  • willyt2

    Not trying to be totally negative, however the cartel does seem to be winning as long as they control the paper metal Algo’s, they can and do whatever they want when they want. Apparently there is a lot more silver and gold than what anyone really knows. The Kennecot mine collapse a few weeks back also halting production in the Barrick gold mine doesn’t seem to be affecting the supply of PM’s. All the buying going in the east and there still seems to be an ample supply of PM’s for anyone buying. Yes I know the paper market is not the real price of PM’s however we are subject to that pricing daily. When, if ever will this ponzi scheme end? When will the failure to deliver PM’s to the buyers happen? This game seems to continue daily and can continue to infinity as long as they stay in control. Sorry SGT, but all the PM experts that sell their propaganda on this site about the rise in PM’s prices doesn’t seem to be happening. I love your site and I check it often however I still have yet to see any predictions happen the way the experts predict it will. Beware of the propaganda in both ends listen to all but believe none is a much better approach than to take someone else’s opinion and believe in that just because we want to hear it.

  • Velocity of Money

    I was once a holder until my boat sank. It is becoming clear that the metals will never be free until there is a new pricing mechanism or accepted in payment for goods, services, or illegal taxes due.

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