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Henry Kissinger Confronted While Receiving “The Freedom Award”

[Ed. Note: What could be more absurd than war criminal and Rothschild agent Henry Kissinger being given something called “The Freedom Award”? Maybe it’s introducing him as “my friend and my hero, the ‘honorable’ Henry A. Kissinger”…]

from wearechange :

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6 comments to Henry Kissinger Confronted While Receiving “The Freedom Award”

  • Johnny

    Shame on you Luke, harassing such a “kind, peaceful and gentle” senior citizen!

  • harman kardon

    Luke is my hero!! That is a true patriot. Confronting the enemy on his on turf! “You know the “Freedom Award” is a lie?!!!



  • Steve_D

    Luke is probably the only person alive to speak the truth to that Evil old murderous piece of shit.

    I love you Luke

  • Upstart


    Knowing a little of the belief system of the so called ‘elite’, I am confident that Mr Kissinger believes that he will not have to face judgement for his actions in this life, and that he believes he will at the very least have the opportunity to ‘go around again’.

    I on the other hand follow a different belief system and am confident that he will indeed be judged, that he will not go around again, and that a fire has been prepared for him.

    Looking at his old, failing body, it appears that Kissenger will not have to wait long to find out which one of us is correct.

  • NaySayer

    oh my god, that was too sweet. These idiot elites fuck everything up, kill millions for some extra cash for themselves and then give EACH OTHER awards as if that was relevant to anything except their little inner elite criminal circles. No wonder they have to go to behomian grove for a vacation, nobody else wants to party with these psychos.

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