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Gold Wars: U.S. Undermining Iranian Currency By Blocking Gold Imports

from Gold Core:

Currency wars are set to continue and deepen which will support gold.

The United States government is to rigorously enforce a ban on gold sales to Iran from July 1.

They are planning to block sales of gold to Iranians in order to undermine the Iranian currency, the rial, and to step up pressure on Tehran over its nuclear program, U.S. officials said yesterday according to Reuters and Bloomberg.

The Iranian rial is the official currency of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The conventional market quotation is the number of rials per U.S. dollar. The rial is a fiat currency which like most paper currencies today is a managed, floating currency. The Central Bank of Iran has abolished the multi-tier exchange rate regime and established a single rate in its place.

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3 comments to Gold Wars: U.S. Undermining Iranian Currency By Blocking Gold Imports

  • Hman

    Ha.. Hah .. Haaa, Blocking gold from Iran, they can get all the gold they want from Dubai.

  • Nick

    Who wants the job of telling China to stop doing business with Iran?!

  • Upstart

    The real power behind the US Government are NOT so stupid as to not realise what the implications of this are. If people look past all the ‘bought and paid for’ and barely educated (in the real sense, ie that not measured in paper certificates/diplomas/degrees – which trained monkeys with a fat bank ballance can get) politicians and front men/women.

    This all part of the plan to force, with expediancy, the move away from the US Dollar as the global reserve currency and the wider realisation that Gold is money. Like all things ‘money’ the value of ‘money’ is mostly in its perception – thats why people sell thier souls for pieces of paper with ink on it, they think the paper has ‘value’.

    Gold has to go up, and the dollar has to go down. The ‘petro dollar’ system is arguably the last standing pillar in the dollar temple.

    Make no mistake, this is just another part of the controlled demolition of the paper dollar.

    China, Russia, Turkey, India, and the other main trading partners of Iran are not not going to stop trading in Gold/oil/weapons or whatever just because uncle sam says so.

    The power behind the Governement know this. Its now full steam ahead for the NWO, which cant seize total power in the US until the Dollar is collapsed.

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