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Gold & Timing

from Armstrong Economics:

Bull markets I have stated many times are 7, 11, 13 or 21.

Gold has three very interesting bottoms. The 1999 is the intraday low. 2000 is the lowest yearly closing. Then 2001 produces the lowest quarter closing. This is an interesting set up that is rare to say the least. So effectively, both the 11 and 13 cycles come into play since the low was not a single event. So we got the 13 year since 2012 was the highest closing but we got the intraday in 2011 as 11 up from the lowest closing. Had both the intraday and the close been unified in 1999, then the ideal would have been 2010 with a max of 2012.

Likewise, on the way down we should have had a 19 month correction but the move up to create the highest annual closing in 2012 extended the cycle. Everything happens for a reason and this may prove to be the currency crisis.

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3 comments to Gold & Timing

  • Frank Zak

    2016 is a key cycle bottom.
    2019 a key top.

    We just hit the 49 week cycle low
    and this usually gets a pretty good pop up.

    But, the major trend is still down.

    Gold needs to get to $1030 an oz.
    75% chance. The sooner it gets there the better.

    Real estate is better now.

  • Mac

    Oh sure! – Armstrong dreaming Paul Volker will return, raise interest rates to 20% and the dollar will rise – just like he did in 1980’s and then the dollar went up. Nobody wanted the USD in 1980 (gold @ $850) because it was being printed like crazy (Vietnam war costs etc.).

    Ben gonna do the same, cuz that is what made gold go down and USD up in the 80’s?

    Not a frigg’n chance.

    Armstrong hasn’t got the answer, just a number program, it is numerology.

  • Glitter 1

    Franks is out in force early today selling his drivel.There is no comparison to the 1970’s-1980 gold and silver bull market.Interest rates can not be raised this time around to strengthen the Dollar due the risk of ballooning the deficit and stoking hyperinflation.The Fed can not raise rates or end QE as the Fed Gov can not stop deficit spending or the economy would implode instantly. The only thing between the economy and the worse depression the world has every experienced is deficit spending and QE,neither can be allowed to end.However, the recent strength in the US Dollar and the take down of Gold and Silver is the result of the countering of the BRICS Agreement and their Deveoplment Fund and the effect it WILL Have on the Dollar as the World’s reserve currency.As soon as the Petro-Dollar is killed latter this year,Dollar hyperinflation/devaluation of 50-60% will hit home with the value of Gold and Silver to double overnight and then to escalate higher.These wheels are set in motion and it’s only a matter of time until the effects are evident,the Dollar will dive as it looses Reserve Currency Status.

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