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Gold & Silver Price – The True Story Is All About Time. Be Prepared.

from Gold Silver Worlds:

We are going to start off with one of the most eye-popping pictures of just one central bank, the privately owned corporate Federal Reserve, and its purported gold holding. Occasionally, we drop a bit of history that most people either ignore or simply do not believe, but this one cannot be conveniently shunted aside.

One of the provisions in the FEDERAL Constitution, the 14th Amendment, [the original, organic Constitution had only 10 provisions, aka The Bill Of Rights], a hornet’s nest for an unsuspecting public, we our focus in on the one germane to the graph below. It is found in Section 4:

The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.

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2 comments to Gold & Silver Price – The True Story Is All About Time. Be Prepared.

  • Johnny

    As Bill Haynes recently commented: “Central banks are now buying gold at the rate of more than 500 tonnes a year, a complete reversal of only a decade ago when central bankers were net sellers of gold at about 500 tonnes a year.”

    There’s a reason why they’re buying it, and there’s a reason why people are increasingly being refused delivery.

    There’s also a reason why China, Russia, India, Turkey and a plethora of other nations are in a buying frenzy, including the average Joe, who’s appetite for physical is insatiable.

    Yet, the West remains virtually clueless. We’re expected to believe (based upon these rigged prices) that demand has suddenly took a dive, Saddam was throwing babies out of incubators, the twin towers collapsed due to fire, and Santa Clause comes through the key hole.

    And amazingly, just as with so many other fairy tales, once-strong (or so we thought) PM bulls are turning into believers and throwing in the towel.

    Only those who are 100% determined will endure the continuing saga of disappointments and frustrations, and the likelihood of further “devaluing” of PM’s worth before they are finally vindicated, much to the chagrin of the court of the mighty sheeple, who will be using what remains of their monopoly money to heat their wood stoves.

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