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Gold & A Bear Market

from Armstrong Economics:

The possibility of a 5-year bear market and the signs that will indicate that trend are covered in detail in the 2013 Metals report. Suffice it to say, just Google dollar devaluation and you get pages upon pages of everyone swearing the dollar must collapse so buy gold. Then look at the Dow. The vast majority cannot believe it is making new highs and keep saying this is it.

Markets are fueled ALWAYS by the majority being wrong. That is what reverses the trend be it bullish or bearish. Can gold decline for 5 years? – ABSOLUTELY. Can it bottom in 2013 and rally for the 37-year target in 2017? Of course. Would gold fall dramatically? Not likely. It may move to retest the 1980 high in the $907 area. I have stated this many times. Is that the likely outcome? That will depend on the closing for 2013 and the events we see on the turning points in the 2013 Metals Report.

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3 comments to Gold & A Bear Market

  • Frank Zak

    There is a major gold cycle low in 2016
    and a top in 2019. I am hoping these dont pan out.

    Who would want metals to drop for 3 more years ?

    Gold at $1,000 is a real possibility unfortunately.

  • GoodTime

    It is very important for people to see the whole picture here. Yes, the dollar appears to be up right now, and I believe, at least for a while it will only appear to become stronger, (this is the point where most people stop reading because they have confirmed what they wanted to hear). However, what people must realize, is that the dollar is not up because is it relatively stronger than it was before, it is up because the other currencies of the world are so weak. Furthermore, to measure the real strength of something, we must look at who, or what we are measuring is competing against.

  • AgShamsn

    I hope it goes to 1000. I don’t like buying it as much as buying silver….it just feels all wrong

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