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from Armstrong Economics:

Three regional Federal Reserve officials have called on the central bank to stop buying mortgage-backed bonds, citing the recent improvement in the U.S. housing market. Indeed, the US economy has improved and the rise in the stock market has the talking head talking to themselves in disbelief. The 800 pound monkey remains the German elections and this is not going well. Whatever the politicians in Europe can do to screw up the world they are going perfectly. We are at the edge in the middle of nowhere. Old Marxist ideas dominate the political circles and they cannot see that just as Communism collapsed, it is their turn now. The younger generation are out of work and not buying this nonsense of taxing the rich that does nothing but line the pockets of politicians. This is going to take a lot more pain before we see political reform.

The dollar MUST rise sharply OVERALL between now and 2015.75. This is what we need to reverse the economic fortunes of the US so the entire global economy then turns down 2015.75-2020.

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  • beligerant

    Armstrong always talks down gold these days. Prior to his prison release was calling for $5,000 gold. Today he’s completely flipped his tune. Prior writings indicate we should now be around $2700. I never read his articles before and chuckle when I see them being posted on blog sites like this one. Below is one of his articles from a couple years ago.

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