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Gitmo-UK Version: British ‘secret prison’ holds up to 90 Afghans WITHOUT CHARGES

from Russia Today:

British troops in Afghanistan are holding 80 to 90 people, some for as long as 14 months, without charging them. Lawyers call it a ‘secret prison’ akin to Guantanamo Bay, but the government says the facility is operated legally. UK Defence Secretary have previously said that transfering the prisoners could endanger troops and detainees themselves. British anti-war campaigner Jim Brann says the UK military has put itself between a rock and a hard place. RT also spoke to Rosa Curling, a lawyer of one of the detainees, who said the government has repeatedly declined her access to her client.

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1 comment to Gitmo-UK Version: British ‘secret prison’ holds up to 90 Afghans WITHOUT CHARGES

  • Upstart

    No surprise here. The British invented the concentration camp and have had them in use for at least 200 years.

    The British used them to against tens of thousands in Afghanistan in the 1800’s, perhaps as many as hundreds of thousands in Imperial India just over 100 years ago (with countless woman and children in what is now Pakistan, Bangladesh, and modern day India loosing thier lives or health), in Sudan (where the British also introduced the machine gun to women and children), and also in South Africa, where an estimated 20000 women and children, many of white european decent, were killed (and possibly also raped) inside too.

    So ‘good’ at the concentration camp were the British that the Nazis simply took the original idea and ran with it, before they ‘modernised’ it in thier unique industrial and cruel ways. The Soviets didnt even bother with modrnising it, just copied it initially before developing thier own versions and gulags.

    And so to today, 200 years after thier first expedition, the British are back in Afghanistan. So it seems are thier concentration camps, albeit a bit more subtle this time.

    The US has learned well from the British, the Nazis, and the Soviets, and have themselves trialed several versions of concentration camp. The one they seem to prefer is refered to as a fema camp. If the US regime follow the British model, how many women and children will die in these camps? What if they follow the Soviet model, what if they follow the Nazi model?

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