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Garden State Gun Control Tyranny Imposed on Citizens Beyond their Borders

by Dennis Dunn, AmmoLand:

Dustin Reininger is serving a five-year sentence with a three-year minimum before he’s eligible for parole. His crime? Pulling off the highway to get some rest during a long drive.

Reininger, a veteran of both the Army and the Air Force, and a former police officer, was moving from Maine back to Texas, but only made it as far as New Jersey. He got tired and parked behind a building in Readington Township, New Jersey, . Had he held out for another 20 minutes, there wouldn’t be a story about Dustin Reininger because he wouldn’t have had a problem in Pennsylvania, but he was tired so he stopped in New Jersey.

Police found him asleep in his SUV early that morning. Reininger just wanted to move on down the road, but officers thought something in the back seat looked like a gun case and considered that probable cause for a search. They found several rifles, shotguns, and handguns, as well as hollow point bullets, and a “standard-capacity” magazine.

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