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Rob Kirby of Kirby Analytics joins me to discuss what he’s calling full spectrum dominance – Bankster dominance, which is exactly what humanity is being subjected to. What is full spectrum Bankster dominance? It’s the boots-on-our-throats police state rolling out worldwide, it’s the latest policy of ‘Bail ins’ allowing the criminal banks to literally STEAL depositors cash whenever they’d like, it’s DOW 15,000+ and the plunge protection team. These stinking Banksters control it all through their Derivatives complex, and the head of the snake is the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. The good news if there’s any? The pure criminality of the system is now becoming evident to even the most diehard establishment supporters.

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27 comments to FULL SPECTRUM BANKSTER DOMINANCE — Guest: Rob Kirby


    Fantastic interview! Kirby is a class act! I particularly love the Swiss banker story & his exposing Nadler, Gartman et al as trolls, he did leave out another well known infamous troll- Frank Zak LOL.

  • snowk

    Excellent! Thank you!

  • johns

    “Damn Straight”….. Spot on Sean. Great interview and Thanks to Rob for your time.

  • Karma Respect

    Noonan was an attendee of the Bilderberg meeting last year, guess he speaks for the Full Spectrum as dictated to him. The evil grows and grows. The commonality is communism which is the transfer of wealth and power from the working people to a banker elite and their chosen oligarch entities leaving a vast poor dependent on scraps from these scum for survival.

  • Kim

    I had the good fortune of sitting opposite Rob Kirby at a GATA dinner in Toronto a couple years ago and to describe him as a class act is to say the least!
    Rob is a regular, unpretentious guy who knows more about derivatives than Blythe Masters one of the chief architects.
    I would love to get drunk with Rob and Jim Willie, someone who Mr Kirby admires as most of us do.

  • Hman

    Beautiful interview Sean.

    • SGT

      Thx gang, (Hman, Karma, johns, kim, snowk, etc) It’s therapeutic to talk with guys like Rob – most of the people we get to come on are like him, kindred spirits… those of us who have seen ‘the matrix’, we all speak the same language – which to the sheeple may as well be Greek.

  • curt

    i agree in general with mr kirby but i also must say that the MANAGED ECONOMY DOES WORK!
    but it only works for those oligarchs and politicians who are on the receiving end. for those people it works MASSIVELY well and in the end they always end up with more hard assets than the general public

  • NaySayer

    Would you please stop trolling for the nazi party? Some of the oligarchs are jewish and some aren’t. I don’t care how much you advocate for the non jewish criminals to get by with their crimes, I and most people aren’t going to fall for it. The NWO globalists are of every religion & nationality.

    I am starting to wonder about Rickards and also about Rahul. I am not sure they are on real silver money’s side. Rahul was incredibly rude to andy hoffman a few days ago and Rickards is pretty questionable. He is smart and currency wars is a good book but I am sure his loyalties lie with the powers that be.

    • WALDO

      Nay Sayer,

      I have attempted to dispute the Jewish conspiracy theory presented above by knowtoo much and have found it to be 100% accurate using un-biased Jewish sources. Very disheartening outcome.

      • Jacobson

        Waldo you are a true NAZI .
        All your theories , hatred , jealousy and the effort you put against the jews …
        Join the KKK !

        I wonder why it is OK to spread hate against jews ?
        I remember that I saw one of the admins over here say that he won’t accept hate speech .
        When its “theories” against jewish people it’s ok right ?

      • WALDO


        I did not want to comment further on this matter, However, I must. You my patriotic friend of truth have summed it up quite well.

        For the sake of duped Christians, Jews & Muslims & all of humanity, let’s expose these evil satanic bastards & end their reign of tyranny.


      • Jacobson

        Judaism is not a race .
        You have no right or real info to tell who is a decendant and who is khazar .
        Just for example : the yemenite jews are known as jews from the tribe of Judah who escaped after the first temple was destroyed and returned to Israel in 40’s-50’s .
        There is a THEORY that most of europian jews are khazar jews but what about arab jews ? a million of them arrived Israel in 1948 .
        And even if this theory is right , it doesn’t matter who were your parents but it is matter who you are – If someone convert to judaism he can be the greatest leader !
        Just like Ruth (king david’s grandma) who wasn’t a jew .
        A chinese guy can decide tommrow to convert to judaism , it doesn’t make him less a jew but even MORE jew than someone who was born as one .

        The first corporation was created by the romans .
        The crusaders took over the world .
        Europians conquerd every place they could and wrote the history like they wanted .
        The brits brutally killed and destroyed people’s life all around the world .
        All the “success” the western world enjoys is on other people’s back !

        Elite jews ?
        The rothchild aren’t jews . they don’t beahve and act like jews supposed to and according the jewish “halacha” .
        Charging interest for loans is against Judaism .
        Fiat currency is against Judaism .

        “Your silver has become dross,
        your choice wine is diluted with water.
        Your rulers are rebels,
        partners with thieves;
        they all love bribes
        and chase after gifts.”

        The rothchilds sent money to the nazis and also helped to establish Israel in order to eliminate the jews (specially the arab jews) who survived WW2 .
        They didn’t have the successand never achieved their goal – thus Israel is being used to continue the crimes of the anglo-american-christian world .
        When Israel will be libarated – the rest of the world will be libareted too !

        I just want to ask you , why you guys put so much effort in adressing all you hate and frustration against an ethnic group of 12 million people all around the world ?
        I know the answer , I just want to see you saying it …

      • Jay

        Your insistence on repeatedly assigning “hateful motives” to anyone who presents factual information about the history of the Jews is akin to the laws against Holocaust Denial in Europe where at least 14 countries imprison people who seek to conduct scholarly research and exercise their God given right to freedom of expression and conscience. The DNA findings are conclusive; Jews of European descent (Ashkenazim Jews) are not the Israelites of the Torah. This is not a theory. Ashkenazim Jews are the progeny of Huns and Mongols of Central Asia. Your arguments are not rooted in science, but rather in belief and wishful thinking. I assume you’re a Jew Sayan by the ferocity with which you attack goyim. Jewish tribal inbreeding (a’la Royal Families, Jewish Families, etc.) frequently suffer from psychosis which leads to projecting their own hate, faults and feelings onto their victims. Again, I don’t hate you – I pity you. Now, please, take your self righteousness elsewhere and practice your Kabalistic double speak on your own tribesmen. But, I guess that won’t happen because your Talmud only permits the Jew to do evil to the goyim (Moed Kattan 17a, Sanhedrin 58b, Baba Kamma 37b, etc.).

        • Jacobson

          Your insistence on repeatedly to decide who is a jew and who is not just shows your hatred .
          I always wonder why you people put so much effort on hating others ?
          My family tree goes back for almost 1000 years , with all the names and places that my family lived (most of the time in north Israel – today city of Haifa) .
          The “ashkenazim” “kahzar” jews is just a THEORY beacuse it never been proved . (I hope you know the difference between theory and fact).
          You are saying that I suffer from psychosis while its some of you guys obsessed to hate the jewish people .
          And I really don’t need you to tell me who I am and where I came from .
          As I wrote , a chinese guy can decide tommorow to be a jew , and he will be a jew ! no matter that his ancetors worshiped buddah … And I gave the biblical examples of King David that his grandma wasn’t a jew , and also some of our greatest rabbis (Shmaya and Avtalyon).
          Your psychosis is that you think judaism is a race and that in order to be a jew you must have a jewish blood (Just like Hitler expressed)

          The hate that some of you people show is also written in the Torah so I’m really not suprised …
          As for the refers from the jewish text books :
          In Sanhedrin 58 b it says :
          “A man who hold is hand above his friends head is evil , even if he didn’t bashed him ” (and then there’s a “link” to the Torah that shows that the will is not less than the act itself) .

          Baba Kamma 37b speaks on torts between two people , I haven’t found the word “gentile” so it is really not about between jews and non jews .

          Moed Katan 17-a is about ostracism and menstruation (in hebrew Niduy and Nida –> almost the same word) .
          Again , there’s nothing about “non jews” in the text .

          We , the jews , have roots .
          We have culture , foods , history , language and spirituality .
          But you americans have nothing but junk food and the attempt to copy the romans with your beliefs and architecture .

          The world hates america , believe me , I know !
          Go and ask people from the eastern side of the globe …

          • Jacobson

            I think I have to share some love against the hate you spread ,
            The way of Judaism :

            1. (Mishnah Avot 3:14) [Rabbi Akiva] would say, ‘Human beings are beloved because they were created in the image of God. It is an even greater love that this was made know to humanity, as it says, “and in the image of God were people created.”

            2. “You shall not take vengeance or bear a grudge against your kinsfolk. Love your neighbor as yourself”

            3.”Each person has the right to live according to his beliefs ” (Havakuk)

            4. “What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor” (TALMUD!!!)

  • Dee

    Top-notch. Thank you, Sean and Rob.

  • Scott Wolf

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,the USD is going nowhere anytime soon.All markets are based on fiat currencies,period.Central Banks will continue to print until the laws of economics make it mathetically impossible to do so.And with that idiot Draghi all but telling the world that the ECB will also print shortly,I see the DOW blowing past 16,000.

    You must prepare yourself for more metal smackdowns always remaining cognizant of the fact that actual price discovery no longer exists.The price of AU/QG in digital,debased pieces of paper does not matter.The purpose of holding metals is to be ready when the next currency system is implemented.If you regret buying gold and silver every time an April 15 event occurs,you have no business being in the sector.Go back to paper and see what happens to your purchasing power in the long run.

  • Scott Wolf

    That’s AG,not QG.OOOPS!!!

  • John

    Great Interview, Sean….I never tire of listening to brilliant men like Mr. Kirby.

    Just to add to what Ron was saying about probabilities and standard deviation, Zero Hedge had info out the other day that Bank of America and JPM had made money at their trading desks 30 out of 30 days. So, two banks collectively bat 60 for 60 or put another way win 60 hands out of 60 hands of blackjack at the casino.

    Everything is rigged 100%.

  • Freaked out

    Lies, Dam lies, and statistics. Good interview. The math can be debated but the message can’t.

  • sb

    Superb vid and interview. Im still buying metals. An armed revolution is called for I think.

  • John

    Good interview. I agree with most, but I can’t believe that you and so many others erroneously blame Marxism, and Communism, and completely leave out Capitalism. I’m not standing up for the others, but Capitalism doesn’t deserve any praise, it’s what’s screwing us now, just as much as the other systems have done to others. These authoritarian systems, Capitalism included, are designed to protect the corporate elite, the politically connected, to the detriment of the rest of us. I’m sick of everyone erroneously excluding Capitalism from any blame in this mess.

  • rich

    DeLong: ‘Bernanke Defines What the Market Is’

    Brad DeLong, Krugman’s Berkley counterpart, says that Bernanke is ‘the whale that can’t be harpooned.’ And hedge funds that are fading Bernanke in the market are going to be overwhelmed by his power. So just follow the Fed’s diktat, and obey.

    As Brad says, and I quote, ‘Bernanke defines what the market is.’ And this is the position of the economic statist.

    hubris displayed.

  • Jacobson

    Every day I study some Torah,
    Today Il’l study more.
    And you , keep what you are doing if it makes you feel good.
    Thank you for proving me the truth of the Torah and for helping me to stick my culture.

    Just letting you know once again the Judaism is not a race or blood :
    Some nations just have deeper roots and therefore the tree is taller,stronger and the fruit is better.

    I’m a proud semitic jew from Jerusalem ,
    Shalom !

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