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Freedom is Tyranny? Stefan Molyneux Debates StormCloudsGathering

from Stefan Molyneux:

Stefan Molyneux debates StormCloudsGathering on the perceived limitations of anarcho-capitalism. Including pre-debate analysis, post-debate analysis and a followup regarding the accusations at the end of the debate.

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4 comments to Freedom is Tyranny? Stefan Molyneux Debates StormCloudsGathering

  • AgShaman

    I can’t take another one of these. SCG was a bumbling fool last time and obviously not prepared intellectually to enter a debate with Stefan. It didn’t end well either…which is a bad sign when it devolves into classless attacks.

  • NaySayer

    I disagree. I realize that Stephan Molyneaux has the sympathy vote because he has stated he has cancer, but, he used a lot of old dirty debate tactics on SCG including refusing to answer specific questions about how his theories would work in the real world. Then when pressed to do so he got into arguments about the meaning of specific words only (semantics). Then he cited studies which were not given to anybody beforehand to read and then when he had frustrated all of us with a refusal to really come up with any evidence that his theories could actually work in the real world (which was his burden to do since he is pushing theories that have never been tried) he purposely pissed of SCG so that he could get huffy and leave.

  • eric

    has molyneus watched the lightbulb conspiracy yet?

  • twomidgetsonahorse

    Ok I’m only Ten minutes into this video and already i’m pissed off. What planet is Stephen from that he does not clearly see there is designed/planned obsolescence in most if not all things built or manufactured today? Who would want an expensive lightbulb if it cost 50 times as much but lasted 100 years? Apparently Stephen has not priced the new LED technology out there that does indeed last 100 + yrs and cost 50 times as much and I don’t about most of you but if I moved and was able to take those spendy buggers with me I damn sure would.
    Speaking from an entirely money based stand point if I trade my hard earned sweat for slips of green paper and then I take those that hard earned paper and trade it for something I need or want I’m going to want that item to last a very long time and when it doesn’t i’m going to be pretty upset. What I see mostly as an effect of this designed end date technology is that most if not all of todays society has bought into the notion that things don’t last forever or shouldn’t as Stephen has clearly stated in the video to this point. I might be speaking as some crusty old crank but todays consumerism leaves a lot to be desired

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