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Free Wireless Mesh Internet

from Wealth Cycles:

Innovation born in the trough of a Kondratiev winter is often what we would call revolutionary tech—the game-changing technological advances that permanently alter the course of humanity. We previously described technology sure to mark the next upswing in the Kondratiev wave:

Now there is even more to share, revolutionary tech exciting even the most Malthusian among us. As most recently mentioned in Is Bitcon The New World Currency?, peer-to-peer Internet connectivity, that is always on, and always free, is not an unthinkable idea. In fact, we may be closer to a game-changing humanitarian development than imagined.

Developers are working on software that will enable smartphone owners globally to create a free mesh wireless Internet among themselves, in addition to continuing to connect to the legacy internet providers. Imagine rather than connecting to central cell towers or connectivity points, our devices connect directly, to one another.

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  • Warp

    There’s a critical factor in this that needs to be considered. Each time a packet hops from one device to another, it has to be checked and handed off. This process adds to the latency. Imagine multiplying this process by hundreds or thousands for the packet to get where it needs to go. Typically, such a packet would have to go about 6-15 hops with the present Internet. Latency with the suggested system would become unbearable.

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