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Five factors that will push Silver to $250 an ounce

by Peter Krauth, Bullion Street:

All bull markets go through periods of consolidations and corrections. And precious metals are no exception.

There has been plenty about gold’s swan dive, but less talk about silver. And at this point there’s more potential for silver than gold…significantly more.

Because the global silver market is relatively small, silver prices tend to be more volatile; the pounding selloff we witnessed in silver this past month is a testament to that fact. But volatility works both ways, so when silver rises, its price can explode higher.

That’s exactly what happened in April 2011, when silver prices rose by 170% in the space of just 7 months. That’s why silver investors say investing in silver is like buying “gold on steroids.”

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3 comments to Five factors that will push Silver to $250 an ounce

  • steelerdude

    you see you see! you keep telling me this over the last 4 years and it hasnt dont poop!

    I claim that no other internet post or yahoo claim to know something ….open their mouth until they know f’in shi’t what they are talking about….

    how in the F! can you make people buy gold and silver if you are sooooooo off based????? its boggling my mind after 2002…..

    come on assholes….I really dont need this shit trying to help my brothers…

  • Frank Zak

    FRAUD ALERT. Rediculous scam blog by Bullion Street.

    Just how stupid do they think people are ?

    Even the NWO is more honest then these shyster
    silver dealers.

  • delllat

    Silver to $100. Then I read $150. Then $200, $250 then $500. then higher.
    I even heard that it could be on par with gold. I forgot what dingle berry mentioned that. I’ll keep stacking no matter what, because of the feds mathematically inevitable catastrophe.
    However, we could all do without the blatant silver presstitute propaganda. These fake silver prophets.
    Deuteronomy 18:20-22

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