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Find Freedom In Dallas

from TruthNeverTold:

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9 comments to Find Freedom In Dallas

  • Douglas Stone

    Chris Duane conned people into buying SBSS with all kinds of promise which he broke. And now he shits all over the brand damaging everyone who bought his line of bull shit and SGT is still promoting this guy?

    WTF … SGT? Do you have no respect for your viewers?

    • SGT

      man, you sure have an axe to grind don’t cha Doug? You think YOU have all the answers about the crap that went down at the Mulligan Mint?? That’s hilarious. Let me tell you, you don’t have a clue. Also, how exactly did Chris Duane “con” you or anyone else into buying SBSS coins?? Further, as I PREDICTED would happen, those coins currently trade at a STEEP premium to spot price on ebay, and the first coin in the series regularly sells on ebay for between $80 – $90. So please Doug, WTF is your problem?

      • Douglas Stone

        No I think Chris Duane has the axe to grind. Have you read his non stop diatribe on his website? Talk about immature. How about your buddy Chris Duane deal with his own mistakes like a man and stop whining about. If he is so pure why does he slander his former partner Rob Gray? Did Rob Gray put a gun to Chris Duane’s head and make him his partner? No I don’t think so, Chris Duane got himself into this debacle and dragged a bunch of people into it. I guess its all about your egos.

  • freedumbs'ear

    How the fuck do you think you, or anyone else are going to be free, when you on one hand promote freedom and don’t play their game and two seconds later you are saying you are going to pay “your taxes”.I got news for you two slaves.The taxpayer/cestui que trust/UNITED STATES citzen/resident of UNITED STATES are all corporate fictions and slaves/subjects to UNITED STATES corporation.That entity has no rights what so ever.So you slaves are going to have to get used to the lack of freedom cause you are just slaves quite literally.Peace slaves.

    • Douglas Stone

      These people care less about freedom than they do on profiting from the freedom movement. That and claiming they are better than anyone else in the freedom movement. Infighting is what Chris Duane does best … he has a huge enemies list. That is a sign of narcissism .. important people have many enemies is the psychology behind it.

      Notice how SGT attacks me, I must have touched a nerve when I criticized his boy friend.

      • NaySayer

        You obviously have a problem here. You can’t tell the difference between a privately run website like sgt’s and “statism”. Private people aren’t the state.

        I think Duane has done a big service waking a lot of people up with his video series, but then having said that I think that he has occasionally been immature and I don’t follow everything he has said nor have I ever bought his coins. That is because i am a grownup and can decide these things for myself. If I had bought his coins then I don’t think I would have lost any money because some people will pay extra for semi-numi coins, which I would never do but then that is my choice.

        If you followed him blindly then that is on you, not him. I believe even he says to follow no-one.

  • ruthann

    Chris Duane’s message changed my life. Because of him, I had already accumulated all I needed. I never bought the SBSS coin.

    Been following Chris Duane’s message(s) for several years. He’s guilty of trusting the wrong people…. Who hasnt done that a time or two in a lifetime?

    If ya’ll dont like it, move along, nothing to see here.

    As for SGT, you are in his livingroom and if you dont like it, leave….

  • ruthann

    I cant help it. They’ve given so much and how can you turn on them? I dont understand!

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